Why should you have headshots on your website?

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Whether you are a blogger, freelancer, or CEO, having a headshot on your website is an essential part of living in the ‘always on’ 20s. Delivered in portrait, a headshot is what it says on the tin – an image of an individual from the shoulders up, placing focus on your face. These can be fun and playful, or crisp and serious – granting you a large degree of control over how you choose to present yourself. An ability to craft your identity makes headshots an essential tool for a website, no matter what purpose it exists for. How can [...]

Diane Dunion’s headshot session

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At a networking event in Warrington recently someone asked me what was so special about professional headshots and why did I attach so much importance to them? A few days later at another event, also in Warrington, the guest speaker talked about how important an online profile was when trying to position yourself in front of your target audience. […]