black and white headshot

We all judge what we see

I’ve spoken before about the importance of having a professional headshot for your personal brand and business’ social media profile pictures. After all, they are the first things your potential customers will see – and judge!

At that first glance of a picture, we have already formed our first impression. It’s key to look approachable, friendly, open and trustworthy. It’s so important that the headshot actually looks like you too. There’s one thing worse than not having a profile picture, and that’s having an outdated one.

As agile working increases so has the way we communicate with our customers. Video calls are now favoured over telephone calls, so there’s no getting away with using a photo of your ‘younger self’ anymore. You know yourself what thoughts run through your head when you see someone for the first time who looks nothing like their picture. It’s not a good start to a working relationship is it?

There are so many factors which constitute a need for a new profile picture. There’s more than you think. Maybe you have:

• started to wear glasses.
• started to wear contact lenses.
• changed hairstyle or had inches chopped off.
• grown a beard.
• discovered a new colourful wardrobe.
• ditched the colour.
• crave less formal attire – or become eager to be more formal.
• Your business has changed.
• Your values have altered.
• You’re simply fed up with your current profile photo.
• You don’t see the real you in your current one.

In fact, you don’t really need a reason other than you fancy a new headshot. That’s allowed too.

Market yourself to the max the cost-effective way

The Headshot Club™ is the affordable way to always have an up-to-date headshot. Your monthly subscription allows you to budget effectively and depending on the membership level that suits your needs the best, you can choose up to three headshot sessions every year with professional make-up, expression coaching and more besides.

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