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We’re obsessed with great headshots and business portraits. And we know what makes a good one and what doesn’t.

In our blog we talk about what works well and what doesn’t. The right and wrong way to take headshots and the right and wrong way to use them too. We might put up the occasional very short video too.

We’ll be talking about why headshots matter. We’ll be talking about little details such as the relationship between pictures and words and best ways to make the pictures lead people to the written word. We’ll talk about lighting, makeup, clothing, capturing those expressions which sum a person up to a tee, and how to create and capture them.

An interview with Becs Bate – Social Media Trainer

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A few weeks ago Becs Bate, the brilliant social media trainer from Warrington, Cheshire, near to where we're based in Lymm, invited me to join her on Facebook Live for a chat about headshots and how important they are in social media. It was my first live interview which made it interesting to say the least. Becs recorded the interview an you can watch it on YouTube here. She's followed it up with a really useful blog post which is a great read. It also has my top eleven tips for creating great social media profile photos. [...]

How should you use headshots on your website?

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Headshots are in integral part of any website. Whether you’re an SME, large corporation or sole trader, you will want to represent yourself in the best light by humanising your brand. Image is everything, and using headshots of you and your team on your website will assist in highlighting who you are while at the same time reflecting your company's values. Personalisation During a digital age when we are spending less time meeting in person and more time online, the importance of the ‘personal touch’ cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a small start-up with your first website or a large multinational [...]

What are the consequences of cheap headshots?

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We’ve all heard the phrase: ‘You get what you pay for’, and for good reason. When you want a headshot, whether it is for your website, marketing materials, LinkedIn or anything in between, it is tempting to choose the cheapest option. It’s easy to slip into the mindset of: ‘How hard can it be to take a photo?’, but until you’ve had a bad headshot, you wont realise the value of paying the right price. A photo is no longer simply that, particularly when it comes to creating a first impression in business, and the consequences of cutting costs for [...]

How to take natural looking headshots

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The best headshots accomplish one key goal; highlighting the subject’s face in a natural setting. Natural-looking headshots allow people to get a glimpse of your personality before they meet you, and with the right expression and pose, you can convey the right message. Three key elements combine to make a headshot appear as natural as possible; lighting, makeup and posture. Lighting Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating a natural-looking headshot. Natural light is the preference for every photographer because it creates the perfect setting in achieving a well-lit headshot (provided the subject is not stood in direct sunlight). However, on [...]

Why should you hire a professional headshot photographer?

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When it comes to picking out a headshot for your business or personal use, it can sometimes be hard to justify the additional expense that a professional photographer adds. With a camera phone in everyone’s pocket, it can seem easy to take a snap yourself and cut out the middleman. And while this is possible, it is rarely ever advisable. So, why should you consider hiring a professional headshot photographer and what additional value does securing one add to your session? What does a professional photographer do? In addition to pressing the button on their camera…quite a bit. A professional photographer [...]

10 common headshot mistakes

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Your headshot needs to make a powerful statement about you and your business. Here are ten common mistakes people make. They can be found on most social channels but are particularly serious errors on business social networks like LinkedIn. Self-portrait taken with a camera phone standing under a light or with the light behind you Face too far away - people need to see who you are Sunglasses - if we can't see your eyes we can't see you A picture of your kids instead of you - who wants to do business with an eight year old? Holiday snap [...]

I can deliver!

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The headline reminds me of an old joke about a man who goes into a butcher’s shop… Anyway back to the story. People who are in business for themselves, whether they’re 
self-employed or own their small company, are business leaders or are looking to change jobs or advance their careers tend to have a presence on social media, and more often than not, have a website. Marketing takes up a lot of time. Keeping the pipeline full whilst getting the work done is a constant challenge for many of us. What we’re trying to do is build trust with [...]

Have you ever noticed how really successful people 
have stunning headshots?

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I have but I’m supposed to notice these things. Successful people invest time and money in projecting their success, their credibility and marketing their marketability if you like. Actors do it, business people do it, politicians do it, sports people do it. Hell, if we’re in business and trying to push forward, we all do it to a degree. As a portrait photographer, I look at every portrait photo and study it. The first thing I notice is how it portrays the person. What does the photo say? What messages does it transmit? Can I see their eyes properly? [...]

The eyes have it! Or do they?

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Does eye contact matter in photographs? I'm often asked this question. The truth is that it depends on the situation and the purpose of the photograph. What is the photograph for. If it's to create mood and atmosphere then it's fine for the subject to be looking in to the distance, at floor or wherever. So long as it tells the story. But what about a business portrait or headshot? This is where eye contact with the viewer is really important. Some would say that it's critical. But how often do you look at a business website or [...]

Does it matter which way your photo faces?

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Yes it does! And more so than many people realise. We're all becoming more aware of psychology and the way our subconscious decides stuff for us. This makes us aware of many things without us consciously realising it. One excellent example of this is where a photo of a person is associated with text. To engage with the viewer you need eye contact! Firstly the person in the photo needs to be looking straight into the camera. Otherwise there is no eye contact and therefore no engagement. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a person who [...]

Manchester | socially distanced headshot photography

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Natural light headshots Manchester based architects, Northmill Associates commissioned us to photograph new headshots for all their team at a new bar they had designed in Manchester's fashionable Northern Quarter. We decided that natural light headshots would work really well with the textures and materials used in the construction of the bar. The bar has some interesting features inside so a few of the photos were taken inside the bar using a Profoto B1 portable flash and 1200mm Octabox. Fortunately we had plenty of height to work with but it produces amazingly soft light.   Manchester - a city [...]