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Professional headshot photograph for Linkedin by

Adam Lumley

It was very relaxed, very informal, and he took a lot of time to try out different shirts/ties/angles to get something that he liked. I received a good range of different shots, ranging from relatively informal to more formal, all at a high professional standard. For the photos we liked (chosen with the help of my wife, of course!), there was a slightly annoying bit of hair sticking up! Andrew was able to remove this with Photoshop to get photos we were happy with, so, the final photos were exactly the right tone, and very professionally finished.
I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking for similar headshots.

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Alex Kilcoyne, Cardinair

I’ve never really had a professional photograph taken before for work purposes so wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Andrew gave me lots of suggestions and tips on what to bring and how to prepare for the shoot. The session was very relaxed, Andrew and his makeup artist really put me at ease, chatting throughout the shoot, so much so you hardly realise you are being photographed (apart from all the lights and fancy kit).  Their attention to detail to get great shots was really refreshing. The photographs turned out great, really relevant to the purpose that I need them for and I’ve had lots of positive comments about them.  I’m now proud to share my Linked In profile with other professionals

Professional headshots in Liverpool by

Anne Moore, Voice Coach

My photo shoot with Andrew was a most enjoyable and relaxing experience, as he was totally able to creatively capture the essence of my personality. Thank you so much I am so delighted with my wonderful photos.

Profile photography Northwich

Claire Dalton, Live for Work

I’ve not been too keen on being photographed in the past. Andrew made me feel very relaxed and at ease on the day, and had some good ideas about how I should present myself.
The photographs were great, he is obviously an expert on lighting!

Business portraits Runcorn and Frodsham

Emma Guy, Acupuncture that Works

I have worked with Andrew for a number of years both with my own business Acupuncture That Works and with Aqueous Digital my husband’s agency. Andrew puts you at ease and you feel very comfortable with him taking your photo. He makes you smile when you least expect it which shows he knows how to capture you naturally. Both our teams respect Andrew and his professionalism when he has taken the teams photos in the past. Every session I have been extremely happy with the photographs Andrew has taken and used all the photos in our respective websites.

I would highly recommend Andrew and Headshots for a professional, first class service

Professional headshot photography in Manchester by

Krystyna Petersen, Inspire Excellence

I had some headshots done by Andrew and was very happy with the results. I don’t particularly enjoy being photographed but Andrew made me feel very comfortable and at ease and managed to get some shots I actually liked! Andrew is a great photographer, very professional and I would highly recommend him.

Professional profile photographs in Warrington

Lorna Davies

Having heard of the reputation that Andrew has for taking head shots, I was extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to have my photo taken.  The experience did not fail my expectations.   From Nicole the make-up artist, to Ewan who assisted with the technology and Andrew himself who put me at ease straight away, the whole session was relaxed, calm and professional ….  And fun!  With three changes of clothes and make-up touches along the way, I felt like a film star! I am so proud of the photos that have been taken which are so ‘me’ and so natural.  Highly recommend this professional experience. Thank you Andrew!

Business portraits Northwich

Louise Bennett, TB Electrics

Andrew was great, he came out to our office and his team made us over – all good fun and the pictures were great, even our dog was involved!

Profile photography Northwich

Louise Carlisle, Deep Blue Costs

I have always hated my photograph being taken so was not looking forward to having headshots done for my business social media and website. Arriving at one of Andrew’s headshot days I was given tea and biscuits and had my make-up applied by Nicole, a lovely lady who put me at ease. Andrew himself was fantastic taking the photos and I went from being rigid with nerves to relaxed amazingly quickly. I went to Andrew to choose the photos and was pleasantly surprised not to completely hate my photos (a miracle for me)! I will be very soon having a photoshoot with my grandchildren – yes I am actually choosing to have my picture taken which is entirely down to Andrew.  Highly recommended!

Business portraits Liverpool

Sarah Fox, 500 Words

Andrew is a joy to work with – professional, warm and witty. He put me immediately at my ease, worked around my outfit changes and needs, and made sure I looked my best. I had so much fun that I can’t wait for another excuse to update my photos.

professional headshot photography Cheshire

Tim Ashcroft, Innovas

In the past I never had a professional photograph and I also thought it would be very expensive to get done properly. More recently I have come to appreciate the importance of this photo as it is your representation in an increasingly virtual world. It is indeed the first impression you make on potential clients, friends and associates. It was a very relaxed affair. Well organised and didn’t take too long. All together a very professional experience.

Andrew has produced a good series of photos for me to use and choose from for use in different situations. They most certainly look professional and I now use them in all publicity, website, and LinkedIn.

Professional headshot photography Manchester

Chido Maunze, Accountant

Being photographed in the past has always seemed like a chore (especially for the type that I was taking – mostly business portraits).  A very stiff  process, something that must be done, and then usually to get a working shot from the ones taken is difficult because they don’t normally capture who you are. I met Andrew when he was taking pictures at a work function (Summer Ball), where there were a lot of us queueing to have our picture taken, but  he took time to chat with us and though it was a couple of quick shots, it was very pleasant, and then getting our pictures after the function was also a pleasant experience. When I then needed to have professional/business head shots taken, Andrew came to my mind because of the experience I’d had above.  I live in the Isle of Man, which is a bit of a distance from Andrew’s place of business but having looked around locally, and then even had a few pictures taken I could not find exactly what I wanted.  I asked Andrew for a quote and he responded timeously including an option to come to the Isle of Man (which I couldn’t afford). After communicating back and forths to find a date/time that worked, I was able to come to Manchester, and proceed to picturesque Lymm where I had my pictures taken. Being photographed by Andrew was a great experience.  Andrew and his team gave me individual attention.  I was not sure what to expect and was a bit nervous about it, but he put me at ease from the minute I arrived and he picked me up at the airport.  We got to chat and I was comfortable with him as he told me his story and I told him mine.  By the time we got to taking the pictures, I was fully at ease and happy to try different poses etc., because I could just be me.  Andrew’s make-up artist Nicole was also brilliant.  Very warm and also put me at ease.  We took shots in Lymm and in Manchester, and this was a process which took the greater part of the day.
It was well worth the trip from the Isle of Man.
I absolutely loved the photographs when I received them.  It was very hard for me to narrow them to a few shots, and Andrew included a lot of additional shots (over the number we had agreed on when we were working pricing).  I had discussed with Andrew the different portraits I needed for work, professional social media, and non-work social media, and the photographs produced gave me so many choices.  Andrew also helped me to narrow them down based on what we’d discussed and my feelings about the different shots.  The final decision was always mine. I am still very happy with the photographs I received and I hope to be taking more in the future.

Alex Dodgshon, Uscita Solutions

Did I want to have my photo taken? No. Did I need to have my photo taken? Yes.

It’s a modern business world and I was looking at my social media profile pictures. They were okay but a bit wooden looking. The biggest problem was that they were old. I just didn’t look like the person in the picture any more. 10 years older, 10 years greyer, 10 years heavier, 10 years more life turned up to meetings than was in my profile pictures. Bit embarrassing really. I knew Andrew from a number of networking events I had attended, but in my mind that wasn’t going to make the process any easier. I just didn’t want to know how the camera saw me.  On this point, I was wrong.
The day was buzzing as other people, just as reluctant as me, arrived for their allotted times. As the atmosphere was fun, I started to relax a little. I was settled with a coffee and cakes whilst Nicole did my makeup. I don’t do makeup and a heavier application to suit the bright lighting necessary would have just baffled me. She talked to me throughout, putting me at ease and the end result was me, just a little more me. No attempt to make me look like someone I wasn’t. Still me.
Knowing beforehand that I needed a white background, close in headshot, Andrew roughly positioned me and just chatted whilst snapping away, issuing the occasional order like ‘just turn ever so slightly to your left’ which meant he got the shots he needed and I barely realised they were being taken. The results are relaxed, natural business headshots that just look like me. What more could I want?  Feedback when I updated my profiles was also fantastic. Apparently my personality and approachability also shine through. I’m still expecting to see the 21 year old me looking back, but I have to cut him some slack. He’s a photographer, not a miracle worker.

Would I recommend you speak to Andrew, absolutely.

Business portraits Knutsford

Bruce Hunter, Marketing Consultant

I’d always understood the importance of a “good” headshot for linked in – but never really understood the importance of getting it done – or just how good the results could be. Andrew’s method of inviting many people to a day of shooting had some massive benefits. Cost effective, good fun – other people were there – all felt ‘in the same boat’. The makeup artist made a real difference to the shots. Andrew retouched the photos – and they have been well received – I felt good about them but – most importantly other people were delighted. I’ve suggested the service to others – all have been really pleased. Andrew captured the ‘essence of Bruce’ It’s a great initiative and helps us all push ‘the personal brand’.

Many thanks for Andrew’s great service!

Diane Dunion, Begbies Traynor

Having my photos taken with Andrew was such a fun and relaxing experience.  He put me at my ease straight away and I soon forgot all about the camera. Andrew is extremely professional in his approach to taking photos and his attention to detail is second to none.  I have been so pleased with the pictures taken and feel proud to use them, as they show the real me.

Profile portraits Manchester

Paul Brooks, Antar

I recently used Andrew for the first time for head shots of myself and my staff. He came highly recommended and certainly did not fail to deliver. He engaged well with myself and the rest of the staff, including one who was very reluctant to have his photo taken. Andrew managed everyone superbly, putting us all at ease, and the results were excellent. We were provided with a selection of shots with accompanying advice on which ones Andrew believed best suited the different uses we had in mind for them (e.g. LinkedIn, Website etc.).

Professional profile photos Lancashire

Lucie Barnes, Baines Wilson

I’ve generally felt unamused at previous professional shots for whatever reason – the brand purpose has been unclear or the shoot has been rushed. There’s been very little control or input expected. Smiling or looking a certain way, on command, is not an easy thing to do. Andrew’s shoots are a breath of fresh air. There’s always a cup of tea available, a good chat beforehand and he just knows how to get the best out of you. I’m always satisfied with the result, and left feeling decidedly amused.

Business portraits Lancashire

Maria Wyborn, BioNow

I came across Andrew Collier profile when I saw some headshots on LinkedIn. The subjects really looked natural and relaxed and that was the first thing I was looking for. Andrew suggested that I took with me several outfits so that we could have a good choice. There was a make-up lady at hand, for those that were not quite sure of how much or how little make-up to use. Andrew knows how to make people relaxed and almost unaware that their picture is being taken, and this is certainly a very strong feature. Another very important feature is the fact that we could try various outfits and then choose from what we felt either more comfortable with or that looked better on us. In my view these two points certainly make Andrew stand out from other Social Media photographers and I do not hesitate to recommend his work to anyone that wants a photo that can be used in Social Media and that truly reflects the subject personality.

Tricia Peters' Business portraits Warrington

Tricia Peters, Cheshire Business Events

I have known Andrew for 10 years as a great photographer who has built up a great reputation for taking headshots, but he goes the extra mile. Nicole the make-up artist, and Ewan who assisted with the technology along with the cake made the session so calm and relaxing and actually fun. Andrew understands the importance of the right headshot for platforms such as LinkedIn and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Andrew to take your headshot.

White background headshot of Deanne Walsh

Deanne Walsh, Dewa Consulting

In the past, I have avoided having professional business photos taken, as it has always felt out of my control. I couldn’t choose the pose, the impression I create or the images that would ultimately be used. Like most people, I don’t like seeing photos of myself and am very self conscious posing.   However, from the moment I engaged with Andrew, I knew it was going to be a great experience.  Andrew took time to explain in a call what the session would involve, how I should prepare and what would happen on the day.

When I arrived, the team were delightful. Easy to talk to, the atmosphere was so relaxed and they made me feel very comfortable immediately. My make up was touched up for the camera, I was advised which clothes to wear and the time arrived …. I was a little anxious, but Andrew really took the time to put me at ease.  He took the time to understand my business, and me as a person, thereby building his view of the shots he needed to get that across in just a few images.  He was careful to explain why we were using certain poses, using humour to reduce the tension and making encouraging noises when he looked at the shots he had taken 🙂

I was delighted to receive the photos. No awkward viewing with the photographer … they were delivered to my inbox, with plenty photos in a viewing gallery that I can review as often as I wanted to before choosing the images that I felt best suited my brand.  

The whole experience was positive.  the Head Shots package was great value, the communication was perfect, the team were amazing, the quality of photos were brilliant and I am totally delighted that I chose to have my photos taken by Andrew.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and the service to anyone.

Headshot of website copywriter on white background

Sue Lister, Tresil

I knew I needed to update the photos I use on LinkedIn and elsewhere but had been putting it off. Who else finds having your photo taken one of your least favourite tasks? Andrew’s headshot session sounded a good idea so I booked in. It included make-up touching-up and a warm welcome with tea and cakes – a nice ice breaker. Feeling relaxed, the result was, after several shots, a set of professional photos I’m pleased with. And which I’m using on my website and social media. Thank you Andrew.

Judith Kenyon, Jaykay Events, Frodsham, Cheshire

Judith Kenyon, Jaykay Events

I recently attended a headshots session with Andrew at Justheadshots and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As an event manager and hosting many events, I’m very used to being photographed so it’s not something I have a problem with, although I know many people feel rather different. Andrew is great at creating a relaxed atmosphere and capturing a natural smile. He’s chatty and friendly and puts everyone at their ease. When Andrew sent me the selection of photos to choose from it wasn’t an easy task as they were all great, but eventually I managed to pick two, one of each style he had taken.

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