In September, when things were a bit more relaxed, Debbie Francis came to see us for new headshots and a photo for the cover of In Cumbria Magazine. Debbie was being featured in a big editorial piece in the magazine and they wanted to put her on the cover. They also wanted some photographs to open the article.

We were holding our September headshots day at The Outset in Warrington, so Debbie booked an afternoon session. We had a good chat on the phone about what Debbie needed, the style and feel she wanted the photos to have and what she’s wear. She also sent me copies of the magazine so I could a feel for the magazine’s editorial style.

Debbie has been a senior leader in the rail industry for many years, particularly in Cumbria and whilst the article featured that it also covered her early career and her other interests outside work.

Whilst Debbie was delighted with her photographs I was hugely inspired by listening to her story, her approach to management and her sheer drive and energy.

At the time we were allowed to do makeup and Nicole did Debbie’s makeup and we helped her choose the right outfits and backgrounds for each part of the shoot. Debbie wanted a portfolio of photographs to use for the article, for LinkedIn and for other applications. She has a high profile and regularly appears in magazine interviews and speaks at events and conferences. A range of high quality headshots means that she can choose from a variety of shots for each occasion.

After the session, Debbie sent us a really lovely testimonial:

I have been photographed a fair bit over the last 5 years but even so, I had great fun at the headshot session. Andrew was great at putting people at ease and the session felt fun, relaxed and unhurried. When the shots came through there was a good selection of suitable photos to pick from and I was really pleased with the way I looked in them. I think they captured me very well and gave me a range from slightly more businesslike to a bit more relaxed. Even so, the business photos were a little relaxed because this reflects me as an individual.

If you need headshots for your personal brand, for your company or a series of profile photos for a magazine article like Debbie did please give us a call on 0800 304 7375 or use the link below to arrange a Zoom consultation.