An interview with Becs Bate – Social Media Trainer

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A few weeks ago Becs Bate, the brilliant social media trainer from Warrington, Cheshire, near to where we're based in Lymm, invited me to join her on Facebook Live for a chat about headshots and how important they are in social media. It was my first live interview which made it interesting to say the least. Becs recorded the interview an you can watch it on YouTube here. She's followed it up with a really useful blog post which is a great read. It also has my top eleven tips for creating great social media profile photos. [...]

Have you ever noticed how really successful people 
have stunning headshots?

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I have but I’m supposed to notice these things. Successful people invest time and money in projecting their success, their credibility and marketing their marketability if you like. Actors do it, business people do it, politicians do it, sports people do it. Hell, if we’re in business and trying to push forward, we all do it to a degree. As a portrait photographer, I look at every portrait photo and study it. The first thing I notice is how it portrays the person. What does the photo say? What messages does it transmit? Can I see their eyes properly? [...]

The eyes have it! Or do they?

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Does eye contact matter in photographs? I'm often asked this question. The truth is that it depends on the situation and the purpose of the photograph. What is the photograph for. If it's to create mood and atmosphere then it's fine for the subject to be looking in to the distance, at floor or wherever. So long as it tells the story. But what about a business portrait or headshot? This is where eye contact with the viewer is really important. Some would say that it's critical. But how often do you look at a business website or [...]