Natural light | environmental headshots and team photos

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Natural light or studio light? We have a growing number of returning clients in the north west of England who choose us because of the quality of our work, outstanding customer service and sensible pricing. We aren't the cheapest by a long way but most people recognise that you tend to get what you pay for. For corporate clients this is really important. With multiple people in a business, new people starting and longer term team members wanting updated headshots, a consistent style and consistent quality are really important for a corporate brand. But should you choose natural light or [...]

Alderley Park | Headshots at for Redx Pharma

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Redx is a biotech company based at Alderley Park, Cheshire. It is focused on the discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of cancer and fibrotic disease. They needed new headshots for the management board and they'd tried other photographers and hadn't been happy with the results. Emily Sutton, Redx's Head of Communications contacted us to see if we could help them. The problem was that whilst most members of the board were based in the UK and could travel to Redx's headquarters [...]

Meet the people behind the smile #1 Clare Moorhouse, Moorhouse Digital Marketing

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You’ve probably heard websites being referred to as ‘shop fronts’, but Clare Moorhouse is committed to change people’s mindsets. Websites aren’t just pretty spaces that showcase what it is that you do, they should generate leads and attract business. To do this, a website’s con-tent and its images must build trust. I’d like to thank Clare from Moorhouse Digital Marketing, for agreeing to be my first ‘Meet the people behind the smile’ interviewee. We first met at a networking event and immediately hit if off through our shared passion to help businesses stand tall against their competition. Read on [...]

A Magazine cover shoot with Debbie Francis for In Cumbria Magazine

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In September, when things were a bit more relaxed, Debbie Francis came to see us for new headshots and a photo for the cover of In Cumbria Magazine. Debbie was being featured in a big editorial piece in the magazine and they wanted to put her on the cover. They also wanted some photographs to open the article. We were holding our September headshots day at The Outset in Warrington, so Debbie booked an afternoon session. We had a good chat on the phone about what Debbie needed, the style and feel she wanted the photos [...]

CDX Security – When a consistent brand style needs to be regularly repeated

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Christian Roddy, Marketing Director at Warrington based CDX Security commissioned us to shoot new profile photos and headshots for all their management team in the Summer of 2020. He had a very clear style and brief in mind as they relaunched CDX into the next phase of their growth. They wanted to show the quality of their people, operations and services. They needed headshots and three quarter body shots too. Many parts of the security sector are very price driven with many small operators. CDX wanted to set themselves apart from them. As well as offering [...]

Chris Illingworth at Watsons Solicitors

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Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Maintaining consistency in corporate headshots This week’s featured post is about Chris Illingworth, property lawyer at Watsons Solicitors and all round top bloke. I’ve known Chris for a few years and when he moved to Watsons Solicitors in Warrington last Autumn I was asked to take his new headshots for the firm’s website. Watsons is a very well established and well respected Warrington law firm offering a mix of family, property and commercial law disciplines. I’d done new headshots for Watsons in 2019 where we [...]

Here’s why people never smiled in old photos

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We’ve all seen photos from the 19th and early 20th century. And what do they all have in common? That’s right, everyone in them looks as miserable as sin. How do you react when you see these photos and what is the first thing you notice? It’s not the clothes or the background is it? No, it’s the expressions on their faces. I’ve been guilty of thinking to myself, ‘good lord, they look like they’d suck the fun out of anything’. They were probably really lovely people. But, let’s be honest, it’s nigh-on impossible to warm to them [...]

Filters – Leave them to the coffee machine

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You can do crazy things to the photographs you take with your mobile phones. If you feel the need, you can add rabbit ears, monkey noses, princess crowns – you name it, you can add it. While I’ve never actually seen a professional profile picture using these animal and prop extras, it’s probably only a matter of time. The filters we’re most likely to see on profile pictures are the ones that slim your face, make your eyes look like saucers and lengthen your eyelashes to make a camel jealous. You know what I’m going to say don’t [...]

But, I never look good in photos …

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Sound familiar? Guess what though – you do! You’re so used to seeing yourself in the same mirror, the same lighting, the same pose in the same spot every day you simply don’t see what others see. Believe it or not, the way you see yourself in the mirror before you leave the house in a morning is just one tiny part of your story; it’s doesn’t show the bigger picture, your personality, your true reflection - it’s the wrong way round. I find it really interesting that people perceive their mirror images and a photograph of them-selves completely differently. [...]

The psychology and science behind the squinch

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Yes, this is a thing and no, I haven’t made up a word. To prove it, this is how squinch appears in the dictionary: Squinch (skwintch): to squint the eyes. The psychology and science behind the perfect profile pictures is a big deal, the topic is stud-ied and researched continually by some very clever boffins all over the world. Some of the biggest global companies pay huge sums of money nailing it because they know that getting the right headshots influences their audience, gets them more followers and ultimately gets them business. The great news is, this psychology [...]

An interview with Becs Bate – Social Media Trainer

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Last month I was invited by Becs Bate, Social Media Executive, to join her in one of her Monday livestreams to reveal ‘What Makes A Great LinkedIn Profile Picture’. This took me out of my comfort zone; it’s a common myth that photographers are comfortable on the other side of the lens – I’m like you, I notice things that others don’t – in this instance I realised that I wriggle about way too much. But it was a great experience, it does me good to put myself in the shoes of those who choose me to take [...]

A lovely experience with Just Headshots

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Recently Angela Langley came to see us for new headshots. When we chatted on the phone she said she was dreading it but needed to get it done. We had a lot of fun doing the session and she wrote this lovely testimonial for us after she had received her photos. What she has written will strike a chord with many people who feel like she did. It took a lot of courage to have these headshots done.  I needed new headshots, I’d avoided that ‘nightmare’ for ten years but I had [...]

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