4 06, 2019

Bruce Hunter’s new headshot photos

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Professional headshot photograph on a white background by Warrington based justheadshots.photoWhen you need headshot photography it’s important to find the right headshot photographer for you. Ideally a headshot or portrait photographer with plenty of experience of shooting professional headshots for company websites, Linked In and other social media platforms and someone that you can get along with. It’s the social interaction between the photographer and the subject that makes the real difference between an average photo and a great professional headshot. (more…)

16 04, 2019

Welcome to the Just Headshots blog!

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We’re obsessed with great headshots and business portraits. And we know what makes a good one and what doesn’t.

In our blog we talk about what works well and what doesn’t. The right and wrong way to take headshots and the right and wrong way to use them too. We might put up the occasional very short video too.

We’ll be talking about why headshots matter. We’ll be talking about little details such as the relationship between pictures and words and best ways to make the pictures lead people to the written word. We’ll talk about lighting, makeup, clothing, capturing those expressions which sum a person up to a tee, and how to create and capture them.

17 01, 2019

It’s just for Linked In – won’t a selfie do?

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Well, it’s just for Linked In. It’s only tiny, why does it matter? Can’t I use that selfie from the Christmas party? Oh, and there was that fab photo taken on the beach last summer. You know the one, with the sunglasses and the beer? Surely I can use one of them…

Well, you could. But is that the kind of first impression you want to make?

Someone who sees us in a photo for the first time instantly makes a judgement about us, whether they intend to or not, and that first impression stays for around 8 to 12 months after they have got to know us.