Comparison of profile, headshot and business portrait photos

Is there a difference between a profile photo, a business portrait and a headshot?

Yes and no.

A profile photo is any photograph you use to identify yourself on your social media profile or website. Usually that’s a photo of you and it’s better if it is. But it could be a photo of your dog or cat, although we wouldn’t recommend it. The term profile photo is all embracing and covers business portraits and headshots or, for a company, any other photo which is used to identify the company.

A business portrait is usually a photo of a person’s face and upper body taken against a plain studio style background or a real background in the context of their business. Sometime’s a business portrait can be a full body. These are fine for a website or brochure but not ideal for a profile photo or avatar on social media platform like LinkedIn.

A headshot is a close cropped portrait of a person’s face and usually their shoulders. In a headshot the person should be looking into the camera. Eye contact is really important. This type of profile photo is perfect for LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Twitter and business pages on Facebook or Instagram.

A person’s profile photo needs to face the right way too. This means that the person should be either facing the viewer or if on an angle, the body should be angled towards any accompanying text or in a brochure it should angled towards the gutter (where the brochure is stapled or bound) if there is no accompanying text. We have another blog post about this and you can read it here.

Understandably there is a great crossover in the different terms which people use to describe headshots, business portraits and business portraits. Many companies refer to the photos on the ‘meet the team’ pages on their websites as profile photos.

We’re based in Warrington, Cheshire and operate throughout the UK, so whether you call them profile photos, business portraits or headshots, we’d be delighted to photograph them for you or for your company.

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