Here’s something you can’t do with an iPhone

In previous blogs I’ve talked about how important facial expressions and eye contact are, about having a good hair cut and wearing the right clothes. All these elements are key to creating that perfect first impression and there are loads of articles on our blog about it. You can read about them elsewhere on our blog.

But what if you want to reposition our personal brand and just target those people who get you, are on your wavelength instead of trying to appeal to a wider audience. It’s a strategy with risks but that’s exactly what Jude Kenyon at Jaykay Business Support ( decided to do.

During lockdown Jude dyed her hair pink and decided to up her game and decided on a bolder, more striking look which needed new headshots. And they needed to be bolder, brighter and with more punch. So, we decided on a choice of outfits to wear, on some bold coloured backgrounds and a very different style of lighting.

In her previous shoot in 2019 Jude wanted a more corporate look that would appeal to the widest audience and you can see an example below. I lit this with a 120cm (48”) diameter softbox which produces a very soft, flattering light.

This time we needed something different so I chose an eight inch (20cm) which produces a very hard light with strong highlights and deep shadows, brightening colours and really punchy photos. We did a mix of shots for different situations from full length to very close cropped headshots. I also lit the background to make the colour stronger. This was going to be bold, really bold.

If you’d like something different, maybe bolder than what your competitors have, bolder than you’ve had in the past, give us a call on 0800 304 7375 or use the link below to arrange a Zoom consultation.