headshots for CDX in Warrington

three quarter length profile photographs at CDX in Warrington

Christian Roddy, Marketing Director at Warrington based CDX Security commissioned us to shoot new profile photos and headshots for all their management team in the Summer of 2020.

He had a very clear style and brief in mind as they relaunched CDX into the next phase of their growth. They wanted to show the quality of their people, operations and services. They needed headshots and three quarter body shots too.

Many parts of the security sector are very price driven with many small operators. CDX wanted to set themselves apart from them. As well as offering the usual guarding and patrolling services, CDX is well established in providing concierge and security services for prestige office, retail and residential premises.

With a rapidly growing company and an expanding management team we visit every few weeks to photograph new team members and anyone who wants to update their headshots and profile photos. The format and style of headshots needs to be repeated at each shoot. CDX chose a smoke grey background with shoulder height halo. Rectangular softboxes are used for the key light and fill lights. As each person differs in height the height of the halo and main lights is adjusted for each person. To save time and to keep things simple we try to photograph people in height order as far as possible. This reduces lighting changes between people.

Consistency is key for many companies with lots of employees, often in multiple locations. The choice of background and lighting set up is important to establish at the briefing stage and is something few people who aren’t photographers understand. Photographers shouldn’t expect clients to understand how to create different lighting setups, that’s our job as photographers, but they should help the client choose the right look for their business.

The nice thing about working with regular clients is that we build up close working relationships with them and that makes our business stronger.

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