What should I wear for a professional headshot?

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An essential part of establishing your representation, a professional headshot represents your brand and character. It can be a playful image for a creative design brand, clean-cut quality for executive positions or displaying your range for acting roles. No matter what you choose, ensuring you have the right ‘look’ is an important part of the process. While a headshot may focus on your physical appearance, wearing the right outfit can ensure the desired impact of your look is properly consolidated. If you’re struggling to find the right apparel for a shoot, here are essential pointers that can come in handy. [...]

Corporate headshots and staff photos with Libertas Wealth Management

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What goes into creating great headshots? Last summer I received a phone call from Helen at Libertas Wealth Management in Warrington. I'd met Helen at a few networking events and a couple of charity dos in Warrington and had got to know her as we'd chatted about our work and the companies we mix with. They'd talked to a couple of photographers but they didn't seem to be on the same wave length. Previous staff photo sessions always seemed to fall short of their expectations so this could have been a tough brief. It turned out to be the opposite. [...]

What Is The Difference Between A Headshot And A Portrait?

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Headshots and portraits are among the most popular images requested by clients. And, like any professional photography, each serves a unique purpose. So, what exactly distinguishes them from one another? And what should you bear in mind before setting foot in the studio?   What are the differences? Put simply, the biggest difference between the two is purpose. Headshots are close-up pictures of your head and shoulders in a neutral, but professional, setting. They are most often used for images on business websites, marketing materials or elements that demand a professional identity. The main aim is to provide something recognisable [...]

Which Headshot Should You Choose For Your LinkedIn Profile?

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Choosing the right headshot for a LinkedIn profile can make the difference between being considered for a role and being passed over entirely for it. In order to give yourself a fighting chance in a competitive market, it is essential you choose a picture that represents your professional identity. Here are some essential dos and don’ts to secure the best possible headshot for your page.   What should I bear in mind?   Do… This photo is correct for Linked In. It is cropped tightly so the face is clear in the small circle next to comments. The shoulders [...]

How Do I Look Professional In A Headshot?

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A professional headshot is an important element of your personal branding when you present yourself across your different social media channels and other marketing platforms. However, ensuring you look the part can be both daunting and challenging. With that in mind, here are some simple tips to get the most out of each session and secure the best headshot possible.   What do I need to do? Have a drink: An old trick for actors. If you are having a headshot taken, be sure to drink your recommended daily allowance of water for a few days before the session. It [...]

Headshot Photography: What Do I Need To Know?

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Used for a range of professional, personal, and creative reasons, headshots are essential for individuals the world over. But with so many options available and a wide range choice on the market, it’s important to consider the elements that make up a session. So, what can you expect and what are some of the points to discuss with potential providers? What is headshot photography? Simply put, a headshot is an image of your face that captures a front-facing portrayal of your head and shoulders. They can be used for several personal or professional reasons, allowing you to consolidate your identity [...]

It’s just for Linked In – won’t a selfie do?

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Well, it’s just for Linked In. It’s only tiny, why does it matter? Can’t I use that selfie from the Christmas party? Oh, and there was that fab photo taken on the beach last summer. You know the one, with the sunglasses and the beer? Surely I can use one of them… Well, you could. But is that the kind of first impression you want to make? Someone who sees us in a photo for the first time instantly makes a judgement about us, whether they intend to or not, and that first impression stays for around 8 to 12 [...]