Redx is a biotech company based at Alderley Park, Cheshire. It is focused on the discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of cancer and fibrotic disease.

They needed new headshots for the management board and they’d tried other photographers and hadn’t been happy with the results. Emily Sutton, Redx’s Head of Communications contacted us to see if we could help them.

The problem was that whilst most members of the board were based in the UK and could travel to Redx’s headquarters at Alderley Parknear Macclesfield in Cheshire, some board members were based in the Germany and the USA. If everyone was to be photographed on a plain paper background it would be easy to specify a standard coloured Colorama background which is available worldwide. But Redx wanted to use the atrium in their corporate headquarters in Alderley Park as the background for all of the headshots needed and for others in the future.

As we couldn’t bring everyone together in one place and we certainly couldn’t move the the headquarters building to the USA and Germany we needed to devise a practical solution. We set up two photo sessions at HQ in Alderley Park. In the first session we chose a background location and set our Profoto off camera flash system and photographed one person against the background to establish a style that the Redx team were happy with.

We then took the person out of the scene and photographed the background to make a backplate.

This meant using manual focus to focus on the person and then locking off the camera settings so the background blur (or bokeh for those interested in photography terminology) would be consistent with the test shots.

We then set up a white background and used the same lighting and camera settings to photograph the subject again. After the shoot we cut out the person from the white background and then added them to the backplate.

We used the shoot information to create a specification and instructions to brief the photographers in the USA and Germany chosen for the shoots in those countries.

So, why go to all this trouble? Why not just photograph all the people at Alderley Park in the Atrium? Well, simply put if some people were photographed in the atrium and others were photographed against white background and then added to the background afterwards in Photoshop their photos would look different and Redx wanted a consistent look. I wanted a consistent look too. Lack of consistency is a bad thing for any brand.

This creative approach worked perfectly for Redx and answered all the requirements of their brief. It also means that any other person in the company who needs headshots can be photographed on a white background with the same lighting set up and then cut out and dropped on to the same background.

Emily very kindly wrote a lovely testimonial for us and here it is in full:

Andrew has been so supportive and helpful throughout the process, for a particularly tricky spec. We are a growing company and were in need of great corporate headshots – the only challenge was that a number of our board members are in other countries and other parts of the UK. With the current challenge of COVID restrictions meaning travel was not possible, we had to come up with an alternative solution to ensure a professional and consistent theme. Andrew approached the project with great enthusiasm and his ‘can-do’ attitude enabled us to overcome the logistical barriers we had by providing a creative solution.

His connections with other professionals within the business allowed us to coordinate photoshoots for members of the leadership team who didn’t already have a photographer. He was also able to provide a technical spec to photographers in other countries which meant we had a consistent theme and the resulting professional image that was so important to us was achieved. We would highly recommend Andrew for professional corporate shots and will have no hesitancy in contacting him for further photo’s in the future.

We’re looking forward to working with Just Headshots again.

If your company needs headshots for team members in multiple locations but following a a strict corporate standard please get in touch. Message us through our contact page, give us a call on 0800 304 7375 or arrange a Zoom consultation. It would be a pleasure to chat with you about what you need and the best way to achieve it.