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You’ve probably heard websites being referred to as ‘shop fronts’, but Clare Moorhouse is committed to change people’s mindsets. Websites aren’t just pretty spaces that showcase what it is that you do, they should generate leads and attract business. To do this, a website’s con-tent and its images must build trust.

I’d like to thank Clare from Moorhouse Digital Marketing, for agreeing to be my first ‘Meet the people behind the smile’ interviewee. We first met at a networking event and immediately hit if off through our shared passion to help businesses stand tall against their competition.

Read on to hear more about Clare’s boutique agency and its mission to help businesses generate revenue from their websites, and why having high quality headshots and imagery is so important.

It’s a bit awkward asking a client questions which essentially are trying to extract the reasons why they chose me over other photographers, so I didn’t.

Instead, our brilliant copywriter Amanda, spoke with Clare and produced the finished article for me. Here it is.

Clare’s strategic digital marketing agency provides exactly what its clients need to help them achieve growth by transforming their websites into revenue generating assets. Whether that’s through website design and build, online ads, compelling content or keyword research, every service has been developed specifically to attract visitors to the website and to influence a positive action.

What are the most important things to consider when designing a website?

“There are a lot of elements to consider. It has to be eye-catching, it has to include useful con-tent, it should be part of a sales strategy to lead people to it, it has to be easy to use and must fulfil the reason why the potential customer has visited it.

“But without high quality photographs and professional headshots the whole essence of a web-site can crumble. After all the hard work that goes into the design of the site and the crafting of engaging content, the last thing a business owner wants to do is turn people off with poor imagery.

“Headshots and imagery really do have the power to make or break the success of a website.”

Where did you first hear of Andrew?

“Before I met Andrew, I had heard of him. He’s such a strong networker that his name does pop up a lot. Andrew was taking photographs at a networking event I was attending and the way he spoke about the importance of having genuine headshots that reflect personality and values, I knew we’d get on.

“That was the start of a strong working relationship. Not only has Andrew taken amazing head-shots and ‘in situ’ photographs of my team, but he’s also worked with me on projects and taken photographs for my clients’ websites too to capture the way they want to be seen by their ide-al customers.”

What is the value of having professional headshots?

“It’s a crucial investment.

“Many of us can relate to seeing a website with inconsistent headshots – it just looks confusing. You know the ones where some headshots have been professionally taken (but obviously at dif-ferent times), some have been taken with a mobile phone, all the backgrounds are different, so is the lighting.

“But it’s probably not just the inconsistency that could potentially be putting customers off, it’s also the lack of personality.

“When we see a headshot of someone, who appears personable and we know immediately that we are going to be able to trust and enjoy working with them, that’s priceless in business.”

Do you believe that people buy from people?

“100% yes.

“Businesses that have a ‘meet the team’ page on their website experience high levels of traffic to that page. In fact, one of my client’s ‘meet the team’ page is their second most visited. There’s no denying that customers enjoy seeing and learning a bit about the people behind the brand.”

What’s it like spending a day with Andrew?

“Many of my clients have large teams so they need a lot of headshots to be taken. Both myself and Andrew are mindful that we must get all the shots done in a day and to be as undisruptive as we possibly can.

“When we go on-site the client expects us to take control and make the day run smoothly. An-drew is so organised and makes sure he has everything prepared before the day begins. With-out fail, all the equipment is there, and he comes armed with a call sheet with everyone’s name on it and time of shoot.

“This is just the first step to make the team feel at ease as they know when to get ready and where to go at what time.

“Andrew’s very friendly and has this knack of making people relax. Let’s face it, not many peo-ple like having their photos taken, but he has that super-power that actually makes people en-joy the experience. And when they are at ease and clearly happy in this unfamiliar situation, their true personality comes out – as do their smiles.”

What else can you tell us about Andrew?

“When I create a digital marketing strategy for a client, I have a very clear idea of what will and won’t work when it comes to the images. The photographs and headshots must marry up with the branding.

“Andrew has a strong marketing background, so he completely understands my methodologies to deliver the best service for my clients. He is a great listener, understands the brief and my vision, and goes the extra mile to nail it. He’s the type of person that needs to be reminded to take a break; he gets that immersed in his work.

“But I don’t just use Andrew for headshots, he supports me with other types of photography too. Before lockdown we visited a gym to capture its edgy style and Andrew did that brilliantly.

“In addition to his photography talent and marketing expertise, he is completely reliable and takes direction really well. I’d recommend him to any business wanting to have headshots taken of their employees to use on their marketing collateral. He doesn’t disappoint.”

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