Business portrait of wellness coaches at Feelgood in Cheshire

As we live in a world dominated by social media selfies and perfect Instagram photos, we can all start to feel a little adverse to having our photo taken. It only takes one photo from a bad angle with the wrong expression for someone to start feeling camera shy, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

If you are looking at having business headshots taken you needn’t worry about not looking your best as a professional and seasoned photographer will be an expert at capturing you in the best light possible. Business headshots, unlike amateur photographs and selfies are intended to accurately represent who you are and you personality in a professional but approachable manner. Using high quality equipment, lighting and angles your photographer can ensure that you look your best.

With this in mind you may still be worried about how you will look in your business headshot, concerned that you may not be very photogenic. As such, here we will be discussing some of our top tips on how to prepare for a shoot and achieve the most photogenic look possible.

Mind over matter

It may seem a little trivial but if you feel confident you will look confident and instantly be able to improve your headshot. It is important to remind yourself that you are taking a business headshot and not creating a modelling portfolio! Your photographer endeavours to create the best and most accurate image of YOU to be used in a professional capacity. Any expectations are put there by yourself and remembering that people solely want to see a happy and natural photo of you should help to give you all the confidence you need.

Finding the right pose

The best headshots come from finding the pose that best suits the image you are trying to portray and that makes you feel the most comfortable. Any good photographer will guide you through this process and help to suggest poses until you find one which feels right.

The first thing to remember is to not force a smile, if you force it people will be able to tell instantly and you may come across as being disingenuous- a trait you definitely want to avoid in a business headshot. Try smiling naturally but don’t hold the smile between shots as your eyes will soon give away that it is just for the camera.

If you are worried about your chin or neck creating an unflattering photo why not try tilting your chin forward and down? This is the most effective way to help your neck appear smooth, remove any double chins and create a more toned facial appearance.

Those who are camera shy are also more inclined to lean away from the camera without realising. Instead, why not try to lean in towards the camera’s lens as this will help to focus in on your face and can also help you to appear more slender. By stretching your body forward you can help create a more flattering illusion.

Dress to Impress

When it comes to business headshots, what clothing you wear, makeup and hairstyle you have will all have a substantial impact on the message your headshot sends. You’ll want to look your best but equally you’ll want a look that accurately represents you and how you look professionally on a day to day basis.

Clothing choices should always be block solid colours with no distracting texture or patterns that will only draw the attention away from your face. Often choosing neutral colours or colours which complement your skin tone or eyes are the best pick when it comes to business headshots as they will help to highlight your face.

If you have short hair and are planning to have your haircut for the shoot, it is always advisable to do so a few days prior; this will help you to avoid a fresh cut look that won’t translate well on camera. Equally, if you are having your hair styled for the occasion, try to keep to your usual style as anything else just won’t be an accurate representation of who you are and how you look.

Makeup should always be kept as neutral and natural as possible and if needed, you should ask your photographer ahead of time if they would recommend any makeup artists. Your makeup may look nice in person but has the possibility to translate poorly on camera which is why toning it down or employing the help of a professional is always advised.

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