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According to a recent survey, 68% of adults won’t share photos of themselves with another person or online without editing it first. Whether people are editing their photos to make smooth the texture and imperfections on their skin or are simply putting on a more flattering filter, it would seem that an increasing number of adults are struggling with photos of themselves. But why is it exactly that people don’t like having their picture taken?

Typically, those most adverse to having their picture taken will have an issue with some part of their appearance. It can be difficult for adults who don’t like certain facial features to want to have a photo taken, whether it’s the size or shape of their nose, their smile isn’t as white as they’d like, a skin condition, fine lines; many of these features can make even the most confident person shy away from the camera.

The second most common reason adults will stay away from the camera is a lack of confidence in themselves and their appearance. ‘Say Cheese!’ can be extremely triggering for any adult with bad memories of school picture day but when you lack confidence, it can be the last thing you want to hear. Often it takes an experienced and friendly photographer who understands that not everyone is eager to jump in front of the camera to help you relax and gradually gain confidence when having a photo taken.

We all can feel nervous and apprehensive to do something we’ve never done before and if you have never had a professional photo taken before the thought of doing so may be daunting. It can be nerve wracking not knowing how to pose, how to smile or where to stand without feeling like you are making a fool of yourself. But, it is important to remember that Professional photographers shoot countless people and know the when taking corporate headshots it not an elaborate photoshoot, it’s about accurately capturing a natural looking photo. It can be difficult to know what to do but rest assured the photographer will guide you throughout the whole process to help put your mind at ease.

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Why is it important to have a corporate headshot?

You may have last updated your Facebook profile picture in 2012 but when it comes to corporate headshots, staying up to date couldn’t be more important. Investing in a high quality, professional headshot is a reflection of who you are and how you present your brand.

Although may not enjoy having your photo taken, taking corporate headshots is key to showing your professionalism to potential clients, investors, collaborators and industry peers. In the corporate world, people don’t know you personally and your headshot is the first and most important impression they will have of you.

Corporate headshots can not only be used for marketing materials and on company websites, they can also be used for your LinkedIn profile. Taking corporate headshots ensure you have a photo which supports and enhances the skills and experience detailed on your LinkedIn profile. The right headshot will help you stand out and convey the right message.

Above all, headshots can help you feel more confident and boosts how you feel about yourself personally and professionally. Taking corporate headshots ensures you have a quality photo of yourself to share with your professional peers and feel proud of. In turn, you are more likely to feel confident sharing more of yourself with the world, pushing yourself professionally and becoming increasingly successful.

How to overcome the fear of having your photo taken?

The fear of having your photo taken stems from the idea that people will judge you based on what they see which is why it is important to understand that taking corporate headshots can help quell this fear by presenting you in the best possible light.

Taking corporate headshots is not like taking a selfie, it is taken for professional purposes and most importantly is shot by a professional and experience photographer who will know how to capture you at your best. They will work to create the best image of yourself that not only conveys the right message but helps you to look professional as well as friendly and approachable.

It is so important that you can trust your photographer and communicate any concerns you have and any likes or dislikes you have ahead of time. In doing so, your photographer can ensure that your best features are accentuated, you are posing in the most flattering and comfortable way and overall you feel more in control.

People are always more critical of their appearance than anybody else and it is important to remember that only you will fixate on what you don’t like. Good corporate headshots ensure that people see you for everything you are instead of the perceived imperfections you see in yourself.

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