A good headshot should draw your focus to the subject, appearing authentic and organic. This is achieved through a number of elements from lighting to posture but one integral element that is often dismissed is the background.

Backgrounds can make or break a headshot depending on where you intend to use it, the impression you are looking to make and the intention of the headshot. Here we will be looking at the why headshot backgrounds are important and which are best to use.

Why are headshot backgrounds important?

Headshot backgrounds are important primarily because they can greatly influence how you are perceived and can elicit different feelings. There are a number of factors that must be considered when choosing the best headshot background, firstly the skin tone and eye colour of the subject as well as the colour of their clothing as the photographer will make decisions based on what best complements each. After which the emotions that will be evoked by the colour of the background must be considered and the mood that is created by the headshot.

Where will you use your headshot?

If you intend to use your headshot or staff headshots on your website, the most important consideration should be your brand image. Your headshot background should reflect your values and who you are as a business; for instance, if you are a forward thinking, modern business you may want a more dynamic background using modern art or architecture. Equally, if you are looking to portray values such as trust, loyalty, dependability you may be better suited to using a simple studio headshot background.

If you intend to create headshots that are multifunctional as website portraits and for use in promotional materials, you may benefit from a flat coloured, studio background. This ensures that you have a flat colour which easily readable text can be placed onto. Plus, your photographer can angle their lens to ensure you have a great image that can have text placed around it or be cropped to create a close up headshot.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn often require professional but natural looking headshots and to achieve this, headshot backgrounds are best being simple and clean. Again, these headshots can benefits from the studio background aesthetic or a neutral blurred background because it solely focuses on the subject. These plain colours help to make you more easily recognisable in what are often small sized profile pictures with reduced resolution when viewed on a mobile.

Which colours work best?

Whether you have a plain studio headshot background or are using a feature background, ensuring you employ the right colours is key. Many headshots use neutral colours such as white, beige and grey for their background as these help focus your attention on the individual and often complement their skin tone, eye/hair colour and clothing choices.

Equally you may want to incorporate your brand colours into your headshot background whether that is by including specific coloured objects that can be blurred into the background, using a flat background colour, using a feature wall on your premises or even by wearing brand coloured clothing.

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