The importance of a profile picture, particularly a well shot picture, on your LinkedIn profile cannot be understated. Statistics show that LinkedIn profiles with a photo get far more engagement, receiving 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. Profile pictures on LinkedIn represent more than how you look, they are a snapshot of your personality, brand image and so much more.

First Impressions

First impressions are everything with studies suggesting that 55 percent of first impressions are made by what we see. This figure alone is enough to make you understand the importance of social media headshots and how they can impact your LinkedIn profile. It is key to remember that people do business with people they know and trust which is why ensuring your profile strikes the right balance between professionalism and approachability is key. Social media headshots can help you achieve this by creating an image that portrays you in the best light, showing your personality whilst demonstrating confidence in your field.

Who will view your LinkedIn profile?

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is unique in that it is solely for the purpose of professional networking which means your average selfie before going on a night out won’t be appropriate. The people likely to see your LinkedIn profile will be industry peers, potential employers, collaborators, investors and other individuals that you may only ever interact with in a professional capacity. These are people who are unlikely to know you personally and therefore will judge your LinkedIn photo and profile in a professional capacity.

White background headshot of manIt is therefore important to consider how your profile picture is portrayed to these people and to then think about what it is you want to say. An amateur iPhone photo will rarely paint you in a good light but even more so if you are not dressed appropriately, look dishevelled or are engaging in inappropriate behaviour. These types of photos will not only show you in an unflattering light but could also potentially cost you work.

Professional social media headshots on the other hand immediately demonstrate that you are willing to invest in yourself and your image, it shows what is important to you and this will be reflected through your profile.

Equally, leaving your profile picture blank or using an avatar can be just as off-putting. Typically spam accounts will not use a profile photo and any seasoned LinkedIn user will be privy to this. A clear headshot will help people to see that your profile is genuine which means you are more likely to receive connection requests, profile views and be recognised by people on the platform.

In the increasingly digital commerce world ruled by our online interactions, your LinkedIn profile picture is the one reminder that you are a real person.

A good social media headshot also tells people who you are and shows that you care about attention to detail. A profile photo may be something small but it speaks volumes as to the kind of person you are and within a professional context, is an indicator of how you will work. If you care about your appearance and are willing to have a professional social media headshot taken, a potential employer will be reassured that you are a serious applicant and will put the time, energy and care into the position. You never know who is looking at your profile which is why you should always be mindful of who could potentially view it and the impression they will take away.

Get in touch

Profile pictures are important to us on any social platform but with LinkedIn there is less room for error. How you present yourself within this professional networking space could inadvertently say a lot about your work ethic, your performance and much more. A good profile photo could mean the difference between someone reaching out or approaching a competitor.

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