Choosing the right headshot for a LinkedIn profile can make the difference between being considered for a role and being passed over entirely for it. In order to give yourself a fighting chance in a competitive market, it is essential you choose a picture that represents your professional identity.

Here are some essential dos and don’ts to secure the best possible headshot for your page.

What should I bear in mind?

Headshot of woman with blonde hair against contrasting background for linked In

This photo is correct for Linked In. It is cropped tightly so the face is clear in the small circle next to comments. The shoulders face towards the comments the person is looking directly at the viewer and making eye contact.


Embrace minimalism: Remember your picture receives only a split-second glance when somebody reviews your profile. Anything that clutters or crowds the image will impact on legibility and risks leading to a poor first impression. Keep your image clear, crisp and stripped back.

Consider your clothing: When it comes to picking out an outfit for your shoot, simply put on the clothes you wear to the office every day. If you’re still struggling, err towards smart casual – just be wary of over (or under) dressing which can give an impression of inauthenticity.

Go professional: While it’s more costly than taking a selfie, opting for a professional photographer massively adds to your cache on the site. It allows you to pick a high-resolution image that is representative of your personal identity and addresses issues around framing and lighting that can impact on many professional pictures.


Rely on filters: Applying an Instagram-level filter is an absolute no-no. Check that you, or the person taking the picture, use the best light possible and settle on a ‘feel’ for it in advance. Applying a crude filter can undermine the quality of an image quickly and, if you have to use one, always get the advice of trusted friends before uploading it.

Ignore your audience: Remember who you’re presenting to and the nature of your role. Looking stern and serious may not be the best choice for a role in a customer service team while a senior managerial job may not look for someone paddling in a kayak. If you remain unsure, a picture with only you in frame, gently smiling, against a simple background is the way to go.

Forget your framing: Many professionals fall at the final hurdle by selecting unusual options before uploading. Ensure your face occupies around two thirds of the picture without excessive cropping; aim to show your head, shoulders and little else. Once uploaded, take the time to review it yourself and make adjustments using your gut instinct.

What next?

If you want the right corporate image for a LinkedIn profile, the team at Just Headshots is here to help.

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Headshot of woman with blonde hair against a white background facing the wrong way for Linked In.

This photo is wrong for Linked In. Although It is cropped tightly so the face is clear in the small circle next to comments the person’s shoulders and body language are pointing away from the comments which disconnect the viewer from the comments.