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In order to understand whether it is better to have a casual headshot or a professional headshot, we must first understand the purpose of a headshot.

A headshot is a modern digital portrait which typically focuses on the head and shoulders of an individual and is a term that is most commonly used to describe a photo that is to be used in a professional capacity. Your headshot is what will make you instantly recognisable across all channels and is a clear representation of who you are.

Where can a headshot be used?

Headshots can be used in wide variety of ways and for a range of purposes such as:

  • Social Media profiles

    Most predominantly LinkedIn as this is the world’s number one professional networking platform but a headshot can also be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to ensure consistency in your digital profiles. Professional headshots are perfect for LinkedIn as they help to enhance your profile and allow you to stand out from the crowd.People do business with people they know and trust and if you can become a familiar, professional looking face on the platform you are more likely to be considered for new and exciting business opportunities.

  • Websites and Blogs

    Whether this is on a staff about page, to highlight your role, to show the author of a written piece or anything in between, headshots can be extremely useful to show the people behind the screen and remind viewers that there is a human at the other end.

  • Email Marketing

    An easy and effective way of communicating to your customers but with the average person sending and receiving 121 emails each day and only opening between 20-40 percent of these emails you’ll want to find ways to stand out. Including a headshot at the top of your email can help familiarise your demographic with yourself and your brand by allowing them to see a face they’ll come to know and trust. If people can see that there is a real person behind what often feels like an endless stream of emails, they are more likely to interact with you.

  • Marketing Collateral

    Still widely used in the world of business, despite living in an increasingly digital world! Whether it is a brochure, leaflet, poster, magazine, newspaper or anything in between, using a good headshot can make a big impact. 80% of people remember what they see, compared to ten percent what they hear and 20 percent of what they read which means your headshot could be the difference between someone engaging with your business and becoming lost in a sea of competition.

Why choose a professional headshot?

The beauty of a professional headshot taken by an experienced and knowledgeable photographer is that it is a great investment. A good headshot is invaluable and will offer longevity that a selfie or poorly shot photo simply cannot provide. It can be used well into the future as an accurate representation of yourself and can be used time and time again in almost any setting.

So, to answer the question of is it better to have a casual headshot or professional headshot, the answer is simply that it depends on the intended purpose of your headshot. If you are looking to create a headshot that will be used primarily in professional and corporate settings on LinkedIn, on a corporate website or any of the uses listed above, you will more than likely want to keep it professional. If however you are looking for a headshot for another use or would like to be portrayed in a more relaxed and casual manner you may prefer a different style.

Whatever you are looking for in a headshot, the best course of action is to always seek the advice of a professional photographer. With years of experience, knowledge and skill in the photography field they will know exactly how to frame your professional or casual headshot to achieve the look and feel that best suits you and creates a lasting image that can be used far into the future.

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