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Personal branding, put simply is how you promote yourself. You are effectively marketing yourself as a brand , demonstrating the skills, experience, knowledge and most importantly, personality that you have to offer the world.

Your personal branding is what ultimately sets you apart from the competition, makes you unique and when done properly, your personal branding can outshine that of any traditional business, offering the personal touch that simply cannot be matched.

In traditional marketing your personal branding could be summed up in one business card but as we move into a more digital centric world, your personal brand spans far beyond our imaginations across online platforms.

So, why is it important to establish a personal brand? You can either let your personal brand develop on its own without a second thought to its trajectory or you can take control of the impression people gain from you online and be depicted in a way that you wish.

Personal branding headshots are one of the most simple but highly effective methods of taking control of your personal brand and is the foundation of creating the visuals you want people to see.


According to research, consumer trust in brands is at an all-time low with only 15.4 percent of UK consumers trusting what companies say in their advertising, suggesting brands need to shift their focus from just pushing product to ‘telling their story’ in order to drive sales. Personal branding headshots undoubtedly help you to tell your story in a unique and personal way that bigger brands could only dream of. People want to buy from and buy into brands they know, like and trust and putting a friendly, approachable face to your brand can help you to win over these consumers.


Any successful personal brand entrepreneur will tell you that the minute that your brand becomes authentically you is the minute that your success will begin. People want to deal with real people that they can believe and trust and being authentic is the only way you can achieve this. Personal branding headshots will help you to show the real you and give people a real visual representation of who you are, who your brand is and what you stand for.


Time is money and investing in a personal branding headshot will help you save in both areas. It can be daunting to spend the money on a headshot but you need to remember that you’re investing in yourself. Ensuring you have a great, professionally shot headshot as a go to whenever you need a shot for a press release, a conference, a presentation, social media or anything in between is invaluable. No longer will you have to waste time crawling through old albums on your hard drive trying to find something that is vaguely professional looking but ultimately outdated and more importantly, not representative of your personal brand.


Confidence is integral when building a personal brand and is something that large corporate firms rarely have to deal with. You have to advocate for yourself, put yourself out there and have the confidence to show the world who you are and what you have to offer. Naturally, this doesn’t come easy to everyone and we all need help from time to time boosting our confidence which is where a personal branding headshot comes in.

Having the right headshot can give you the boost you need to remind yourself who you are and what you stand for. Whether it is for your LinkedIn profile, your website or marketing collateral you can feel confident that you are always putting your best foot forward visually.

Personal branding is about letting people know who you are and showing them that you are not simply a nameless, faceless corporate entity that cares only about profit margins. By showing the world who you are in an authentic, professional but approachable manner you will soon see success.

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