personal branding photography of men and women at different locations will make your personal brand shine!

Personal branding photography of men and women in different settings

justheadshots will make your personal brand shine!

Do you have a personal brand?

Yes you do. We all have a personal brand. Jeff Bezos once said (and he’s pretty successful so well worth mentioning) that your personal brand is what you leave in the room after you have left it.

Your personal brand encompasses everything that sums up you as a person to do business with. It’s how other people perceive you; what you say, how you present yourself.

People form an impression of you in the first second or two of meeting you. If you make the right first impression then you get off to a great start. Make the wrong first impression and it can take over six months to correct it. That’s a lot of time wasted on something that could have been right in the first place.

But what if you don’t know how to build and present your personal brand?

Don’t worry! Our personal brand specialist, Sally Inkster is here to help you. We’ve teamed up with Sally to help you define and prepare your personal brand before we shoot your personal brand photography session. You can find out more about Sally’s work here and book a free, no obligation consultation with her too.

Why choose justheadshots as your personal brand photographers?

We’re an experienced team of photographers, makeup artists, stylists and brand consultants who specialise in photographing people and in helping them develop and project their personal brands.

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what they need and have a clear brief. Other people come to us and want us to help them develop their personal brand and we guide them through every step of the journey in building their personal brand image.

We design each Personal Branding Portfolio around your personality and your personal brand objectives. We advise on the best styles of photography to suit your brand personality, of what to wear, makeup, locations and backgrounds, and lighting styles

If it’s time to give your personal brand a makeover, what are you waiting for?

Great photography is the cornerstone of your personal brand

Whether you are a small business, consultant, public speaker, senior corporate executive or a rising star in a large corporation, a strong personal brand sets people apart from the rest of the pack. You may be marketing yourself as a business or building your career path and the image that you project is crucial to how your personal brand is perceived. Until you get to meeting people face to face, your personal brand will have to rely on the quality and style of photography you use on your website and social media.

It makes sense to invest in high quality personal branding photography.

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I absolutely loved the photographs when I received them. I had discussed with Andrew the different portraits I needed to raise my profile at the multinational company I work for. I needed photographs for professional social media profiles, my CV and the corporate intranet (a bit like an in-company version of Linked In, and the photographs produced gave me so many choices for my personal brand.

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