Personal Brand Styling with Sally Inkster

We’ve teamed up with Sally Inkster to help our clients create and develop their personal brands. Sally originally trained as a nurse and a Cancer Nurse Specialist which gave her the gift of realising what’s important in life and what isn’t.
This led Sally to a passion for psychology and what makes people tick and behave the way they do. For the last fifteen years Sally has focused on personal branding and styling.
She has done this in an holistic and instinctive way using her three PH’s; PHilosophy, PHysicality and PHenomenon – the acid test for any business.

Sally Inkster

Sally Inkster brand consultant

Harsh… but true

Most people have weak personal brands. Sadly it’s true. When we run a business or work in a business, we either get super busy working on our product or service, or we focus on the things we think will get us clients. For the most part, that includes things like picking logos, fonts, colours and more…

These things are important, but they don’t often get the heart of what it means to know your own personal brand.

Sally knew that she was most definitely one of those people. She thought that because she had a service, a website, a business card that was enough.

But it wasn’t! Sally had to discover who she was, what made her unique and therefore what she had to put into her business to make it unique… and you have to do the same!

Who Sally helps

We all know lots of accountants, HR consultants, coaches and personal trainers (to name just a few) out there. Your ideal customer exists and is already looking for you. But they need to find you, recognise you and recognise what you offer. It’s your job to make it obvious and easy for people to find you and this to be possible you must have a clear, identifiable Personal Brand.

Sally loves working with clients like ours – knowing you need something but not sure what it is that will make make your big plans make an even bigger impact.

Make your mark

You want to make a positive mark on the world and Sally wants to help you do that.

Why not start finding your personal brand right now and join Sally on her Fast Track Formula For Your Personal Brand.

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I absolutely loved the photographs when I received them. I had discussed with Andrew the different portraits I needed to raise my profile at the multinational company I work for. I needed photographs for professional social media profiles, my CV and the corporate intranet (a bit like an in-company version of Linked In, and the photographs produced gave me so many choices for my personal brand.

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