How important and clothes, backgrounds and cropping?

Last summer we did a fab shoot with Angela Langley. She wanted selection of headshots and portraits to use for her business profile on LinkedIn and for her other gig – she’s a standup comedian. Now, you’d think that someone who can entertain an audience and keep them laughing for an hour or so wouldn’t be worried at all about having her headshots wouldn’t you?

Well, it turned out that Angela was really worried about it. She came along to our Warrington headshots photography day with a great selection of clothes and loads of concerns about how she’s look in her photos. This is what she had to say:

It took a lot of courage to have these headshots done. I needed new headshots, I’d avoided that ’nightmare’ for ten years but I had to get over my fear of being photographed. My fear of being photographed is real – I genuinely hate photos of myself. Even passport photographs result in at least an hour in a photography shop with endless retakes. I’m one of those people who doesn’t look great in photos! I needed professional ‘work’ headshots and ‘performance’ headshots for my comedy and writing and I was not looking forward to the experience.
I chose Andrew because I know his wife Josie and Josie always looks great in photographs – what better recommendation than that! I arrived for the shoot feeling very apprehensive. Andrew and the team immediately put me at ease and were very friendly. Nicole did my make-up (natural and light) and Andrew and I decided which outfits to wear and he explained why and what would make a better photograph. During the shoot Andrew talked to me – asking me lots of questions, asking me to explain things to him about my work and performance. I really felt comfortable with Andrew and believed he wanted to get the right photographs for me. Andrew is a very interesting and funny man to talk to and he made me laugh out loud a couple of times!
When the photographs arrived I was very apprehensive about looking at them. I had a quick look and noted down seven images that stood out as OK. I then left it a while and looked in more detail (this worked for me as otherwise I can become hyper critical of myself – focussing on the negative rather than appreciating the whole image). I looked through them a third time with my daughter to check I had picked the right ones. It feels odd looking at yourself in photos and seeing yourself as others see you! The images received were not ’touched-up’, bear this in mind.

I spoke to Andrew about the images I had chosen and he guided me through the images best suited for my needs e.g. close-ups for LinkedIn and work, images suitable for my creative pursuits, what works well in black and white and colour. I would really recommend you do this as I gained lots of insight into the images which really made me understand the decisions I’d made. We discussed what ’touch ups’ the photographs needed. I wanted to look like me but look the best I could look within reason! I didn’t want to be airbrushed and perfected like the cover of a magazine (don’t you just hate that when you don’t recognise the celebrity on the cover!) so I discussed what could be done with Andrew (brighter teeth, colour balance, tidying up stray hairs etc) and the final images received looked natural and professional.

I’m really pleased with my images! They reflect my personal brand(s) really well. They look like me! Relaxed and confident in my professional images. Energised and fun in my performance images. I chose an extra image too – just for me and my parents which is a happy one.

I highly recommend Andrew for your headshots. You need someone who takes time to know you, makes you feel relaxed and is really on your side. Andrew wants you to love your headshots – and you will love them!

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Close crop rectangular headshot with deep yellow background

Close square crop headshot with deep yellow background

portrait of woman laughing

Square cropped close up portrait on dark background

Portrait of female stand up comedian

Portrait of female stand up comedian