Headshots are in integral part of any website.

Whether you’re an SME, large corporation or sole trader, you will want to represent yourself in the best light by humanising your brand.

Image is everything, and using headshots of you and your team on your website will assist in highlighting who you are while at the same time reflecting your company’s values.


During a digital age when we are spending less time meeting in person and more time online, the importance of the ‘personal touch’ cannot be overstated.

Whether you’re a small start-up with your first website or a large multinational company, introducing your team and allowing people to see the individuals behind the brand is important.

People do business with others that they know and trust, and what better way to allow your customers to get to know you than by having headshots of your team on your website?

Through making a direct visual link between your company’s brand and the people that embody it, you have the potential to create a rapport with your customers.

Profiles with photos are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those without, which means instead of communicating with a faceless, nameless voice at the end of the phone, customers can feel confident they are dealing with the people whose headshots are on your website.


Websites without photos are often uninteresting, and lack identity, but worse than that, those that use bad photos risk damaging your reputation.

If you are currently using mismatched photos of your team online with different lighting, backgrounds and resolution, it will not send an appropriate signal to prospective clients.

These photos are a direct reflection of your brand’s image, and only high-quality, professional pictures demonstrate the level of professionalism your company strives towards.

Capturing natural, candid shots of employees not only reflects who they are, but it shows the consistently of your brand and unity of your team.

These headshots can then not only be used to introduce a team on your website but can be used as part of marketing campaigns and materials to ensure complete brand consistency.

The best photographer will take your company’s values and ensure that they are represented consistently in each headshot.

This can be done through clothing, expressions, lighting and the posture of each individual to convey the right message for your brand.


At Just Headshots, we endeavour to create natural headshots for individuals, SMEs, corporate and large enterprises as well as in government and public sectors.

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