Professional headshot photograph by Warrington based
At a networking event in Warrington recently someone asked me what was so special about professional headshots and why did I attach so much importance to them? A few days later at another event, also in Warrington, the guest speaker talked about how important an online profile was when trying to position yourself in front of your target audience.

Not just the headline, or the profile text but also the headshot. She was comparing business networking with dating and it’s an interesting comparison because in both cases people are looking to establish a relationship with someone else. OK, they’re different types of relationships with very different end goals. People tend to make judgements about what they see before they read anything.

In both cases, the way the profile is viewed by other people creates a first impression. That first impression stays with people for maybe six to eight months after they first see or meet them. When I found that out I was amazed.

So, the goal for any headshot has to be to create the right first impression, because that impression is going to last a while.

And how do you create the perfect headshot?

Well, like everything it’s about preparation and attention to detail. And the purpose of the business headshot too. What type of business? A forensic accountant and a florist need something quite different to each other. So, they’re both professionals but in different type of businesses. And another thing, people need to wear the sort of clothes they’d wear if they were meeting an important customer for the first time. As a result of wearing the right clothing they will strengthen the impression of their personal brand.

This is what Diane had to say about her headshots and her session:

“Having my photos taken with Andrew was such a fun and relaxing experience. He put me at my ease straight away and I soon forgot all about the camera. Andrew is extremely professional in his approach to taking photos and his attention to detail is second to none.  I have been so pleased with the pictures taken and feel proud to use them, as they show the real me.”