Business portrait of Geoff Player, property investment specialist Geoff Player, managing director at Warrington based property consultants, Taylor Brooks, needed new headshots for his Linked In profile and website. We met at a networking event in Warrington and he came along to our headshots and business portraits day in Warrington last May.

Why our headshots days work so well

Our headshots days give individuals access to high quality headshots. We give advice on what to wear, what not to wear, business makeup and coaching throughout the session to help each client get the best photographs the can. Most clients just need profile photos for social media. But some need photos to use on their websites, in brochures, flyers and other printed media.

Preparation is the key

The keys to great business headshot photos and business portraits is preparation beforehand, including getting a haircut a few days before the session, wearing the right clothes and being shown how behave in front of the camera. I’m not talking about being good; I’m talking about being yourself. Most sessions start with me putting the client behind the camera so they see what I would see. Then I show them how and where to sit, stand up, lean, perch etc. I keep the sessions fast moving so the client doesn’t have time to worry about feeling awkward. Sessions should be as much fun as possible. We talk about ridiculous things as it lightens the load.

Simple lighting set ups work best.The way lighting is set up is really important so that the client can be seen, be recognised and most importantly be understood by the viewer.

Body language is really important too. So, if people look like they are leaning away from the camera they look a bit scared and lacking confidence. People’s shoulders need to lead the viewer towards any text that may accompany the picture. If the subject’s body language is facing the wrong way people are less inclined to read the accompanying text. That may sound weird but it’s true.

Because Geoff needed a mix of formal and informal headshots for use in different social media, in presentations and for his company’s website we decided that a clean, white background would work best and give him more flexibility in where to use the shots.