Professional headshot of Amanda Bate from FrodshamIn July Nicole and I did a headshots and profile photos session for Amanda Bate Redwood Copy. Although Amanda is based in Frodsham we did the shoot in Chester. It was a great place to take Amanda’s headshots because it’s an old building with a quirky interior which gave us some interesting, real backdrops. Amanda Bate left the corporate world nearly four years ago to start her own content writing business, Redwood Copy.

She is driven by her values and supports socially conscious organisations with their internal and external communications. As the face of Redwood Copy Amanda needed a set of professional pictures to use on her website and on her social media platforms and they had to reflect her brand’s identity. Whilst all the photos shown in this blog we went on to do team photos with colleagues using Chester’s city walls and the River Dee in the background.

Amanda’s thoughts on being photographed

“I knew I needed to have a professional profile picture but I hate having my picture taken. For a while I ‘made do’ with a photo a friend had taken of me. But this wasn’t what my company is about – it’s not about ‘making do’, it’s about delivering the best. I first met Andrew networking and his friendly, relaxed approach was refreshing. He took an interest in what I do, what’s important to me and who I am. Our paths crossed for a couple of months before I plucked up the courage and asked him to photograph me.

“I was slightly anxious the morning of the shoot. Andrew arranged for a make-up artist to do my make-up – a great help but I was a little concerned as I didn’t want to look like someone else. Prior to the shoot, Andrew called me to explain what was going to happen and what to bring, during this chat he again put me at ease.

Amanda’s reaction to how we do headshots

“Well, what can I say – the morning of the shoot was fun, yes fun. The make-up artist was brilliant and took the time to listen to me, she showed me the colour palette she was going to use and before any make-up was applied, she asked if I was happy with it. I’ve stayed in touch with her and even asked her to source make-up for me to suit my skin and colouring – how is that for great after care!

“Andrew was calm, patient, fun and made me feel completely relaxed. He understands what makes the perfect head shot, the perfect profile photograph and he makes it happen!

“Instead of dreading to see the photos, which is usually the case when I have my photo taken, I was excited. When I received the email containing the link to view the pictures, I couldn’t have been more pleased. There was such a variety of poses, in quirky locations around an old building in Chester – they were spot on. Andrew was happy to touch up a couple if I felt the need, but I’m happy to embrace my lines and imperfections – they’re who I am.

“I’ve since recommended Andrew to others. Andrew is incredibly talented and an all-round super nice guy.”

Here’s a pretty big selection from the session. I usually only show a small number on the blog but I wanted to show a full set from a session. This allows people to see what a full collection looks like.