DIY headshot compared to a professional headshot by Andrew Collier at Cheshire based justheadshots.photoWith advancements in iPhone and Android camera technology, it can be easy to think that you have everything you need to take your own headshot. However, the reality is that having a decent quality camera is only half the battle and taking a good headshot requires knowledge of lighting, how best to pose, which background works the best, how to correctly edit and all the years of experience that you can only find with a professional photographer.

Damage Confidence

Above all, taking headshots at home takes away the unquestionable quality that you are guaranteed with a professional photographer. The difference between an alright iPhone headshot and a top quality professional headshot is instantly recognisable, as is the impact it can have on your confidence. If you look good, you feel good and having a high quality headshot that you can share in a professional setting will instantly boost your confidence and may even prompt you to share more and push yourself within your industry.


If you’ve ever tried taking a photo of yourself for social media, you’ll know how hard it is to find one that looks good enough to share. When it comes to taking headshots a home, it is made a hundred times more difficult as you will not simply be judged by your family, friends and acquaintances but potential employers, clients and others within the corporate world.

Whether your headshot is for LinkedIn, your website or anything in between, you will want to convey professionalism. On these platforms you are often dealing with potential clients, investors, employers and collaborators that don’t know you personally which is why demonstrating who you are in an all-encompassing professional headshot is the first step in making the right impression.

Mistakes When Taking Headshots At Home

First impressions are everything and according to studies, within the first 7 seconds of meeting or seeing a person, a first impression is formed. You have one chance to convey who you are with a headshot and taking headshots at home can damage this opportunity.

Headshots aren’t the same as a selfie, they are a professional profile created to be used in a professional, often corporate setting. Selfies are approachable and fun but ultimately unprofessional and this will colour how potential employers or clients first view you. A well-presented, well-lit, quality headshot ultimately demonstrates that you take what you do seriously and that you are willing to invest in yourself. Headshots are an investment into yourself and your image, showing just enough personality to peak interest whilst maintaining a professional and confident demeanour.


A professional photographer will know exactly how to frame your headshot to best suit your requirements whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile, for your website, for corporate use or anything in between. There is much more to a headshot that a nice pose and smile and the first thing to consider is the type of backdrop you want to use.

Considerations must be made as to whether a darker or lighter backdrop suits your skin tone, hair, clothing and overall mood you are looking to convey. A professional photographer will immediately know exactly which background will best suit the subject and the requirements of the headshot. For example, Corporate headshots and Actor headshots will want to create a different tone which the right backdrop can help to create.


Lighting must also be considered and taking headshots at home with an amazon bought ring light simply won’t do. A professional photographer will have the right lighting setup and equipment and will be able to position them to accentuate your best features and mask any areas you may have insecurities about. The right lighting is also a key signifier of a professional photo and it will be this that makes your headshot stand out in the crowd.


Knowing what clothes, accessories and makeup to wear is another key consideration when it comes to headshots and one which a photographer can definitely help to advise you on. Each of these areas will say more than you’d think about who you are which is why striking the right tone is so important. Heavy makeup, for example, rarely translates well in photos and what may be a beautiful shade of rouge on your cheeks in person may appear rather eccentric in an amateur headshot. The knowledge and experience of a professional photographer in this area is invaluable when it comes to creating the perfect headshot.


You may think you’ve taken a great headshot of yourself at home using a high quality phone camera but what sets apart an amateur photo and a professional taken headshot will end with editing. A professional photographer will know that even the best photo can be improved and given that professional, stand out edge with the right editing. It may be something as simple as playing with the brightness and contrast settings to help make your headshot pop or even removing a pimple that reared its head on the day. Either way, this attention to detail can only be achieved by a professional and experienced photographer who understands the importance of creating the best headshot for each and every client.

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