How to remove reflections from glasses

I’m on my soapbox again

When I see headshots of people who wear glasses it annoys me when I cannot see their eyes clearly because of reflections on the lenses. The whole point of a good headshot is eye contact. A reflection in their glasses just ruins the photo.

Sadly, it seems that a lot of photographers, including some professional photographers, lack the skills to avoid them or don’t think these reflections matter. Of course, it bloody well matters! These photos are very important to the people they are taken for and are part of their investment in their personal brand.

People who wear glasses are not second-class citizens and shouldn’t have to accept substandard business portraits, headshots or avatars.

A great headshot is all about creating the right first impression and that’s worth the extra attention to detail.

Thank you to Andrew Aldridge at Deepbridge Capital for allowing me to use one of his new headshots in this example photograph.

It’s simple to fix

There are two ways to fix this photographic challenge. In most cases it’s just a simple adjustment to the angle of the lighting used at the shoot. A more acute angle of the key light is often all that’s needed but it may take a few adjustments to get the angle of the light just right to get a perfectly lit, reflection free subject.

A flash mounted on the top of your camera, the flash on your phone or a hand held reflector will rarely solve the problem.

The shape of the lens and the coating can sometimes make it very difficult to remove the reflection and can often leave a blue caste. Other times the nicest expression is spoiled by an unwanted reflection. But that doesn’t mean the reflection should be in the final photo. This is where a great photoshop retouching specialist comes in. A skilled retoucher can quickly and easily remove the unwanted reflection.

Retouching is something we do to every headshot as standard. It’s part of the finishing process. I say we because I don’t do it. I give it to a specialist to do for me. Reflections in glasses, marks on clothing, spots, rashes, dental braces, discoloured crowns and a few other things are fixed by our retouching team.

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