headshot for a website for Jeanette Hine by justheadshots.photo in Warrington

headshot for a website for Jeanette Hine by justheadshots.photo in Warrington

headshot for a website for Jeanette Hine by justheadshots.photo in Warrington

Netty (Jeanette) Hine came to our November headshots day in Lymm, near Warrington, Cheshire and I think it would be fair to say that she was a bit anxious about it. She hates being photographed and doesn’t think she’s photogenic. This is quite normal. Most adults don’t think they’re photogenic and many don’t think they can have great photos. This is a complete myth and I’ll be discussing it soon in a forthcoming blog. It’s such huge subject that it’ll be a long one or might even make a series but that’s another story altogether.

I’ve known Netty for a few years, we live close by and often bump into each other in the village or out on a dog walk. We met at Kirsty James’ Colony Networking Group in Lymm. It’s a brilliant, friendly group and very productive. If you haven’t been yet, contact Kirby James through the link and arrange a visit.

After we’d done the session and delivered the photos to her, she posted about her experience of the headshots session and her opinions about her photos on LinkedIn.

This is what she had to say:

“They say a picture speaks a thousand words and when I usually have to have my photo taken, those thousand words are probably not repeatable!

For someone who much prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it (even though social media these days means it is a little harder to hide) I would like to say a big thank you to Andrew Collier – Portrait Photographer for making my ‘headshot’ experience fun and enjoyable.

I can honestly say I can’t believe what I was worried about. Andrew’s easy-going nature took all the stress away and I was soon grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Nicole Allen’s exceptional make up skills only added to the experience along with a scrummy piece of Josie’s coffee and walnut cake. If you’re thinking of having a professional headshot taken and not quite sure it’s for you, why not give Andrew a call and see how he can help.

The only thing left me to do now, is update my LinkedIn Banner, so watch this space!”

We were really delighted to receive such a glowing, heart-felt review from Netty. As a business which gets most of its work from recommendation, referral and returning clients, feedback is invaluable as it gives confidence to people who are thinking of trying us for their headshots.

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So, if you’re thinking it’s time to update your personal brand, your social profiles and are dreading the thought of having to be photographed for your new headshots please give us a call. Andrew, our Director of Photography will be happy you discuss your needs and your concerns about being photographed and about how we’ll bring out the best you in your new headshots. Please use the link below to book a free phone consultation or if you’d prefer just call 0800 304 7375.