Whether you are a blogger, freelancer, or CEO, having a headshot on your website is an essential part of living in the ‘always on’ 20s.

Delivered in portrait, a headshot is what it says on the tin – an image of an individual from the shoulders up, placing focus on your face.

These can be fun and playful, or crisp and serious – granting you a large degree of control over how you choose to present yourself.

An ability to craft your identity makes headshots an essential tool for a website, no matter what purpose it exists for.

How can they help your website?

Flexible and highly useful for achieving key goals, putting a headshot on your site brings with it several potential benefits.

These include:

Quality engagement: No matter what you do on your site, having an image of yourself on an ‘About us’ or other landing pages can empower visitors to identify with your work or want to engage with you further. Deploying the same image on your socials can massively help boost engagement, allowing visitors to better understand who they are interacting with, why they are doing it, and what they are trying to accomplish – all of which are highly dependent on them being able to put a face to a name.

Branding control: Putting a headshot on your website allows you to construct a brand or position yourself as the de-facto individual who is at the heart of the work you are trying to accomplish. That can be as simple as a successful online store that is run by a singular creator, a lifestyle brand that is reciprocally linked to a network of socials, or re-inventing yourself to respond to changes in your audience or working practice.

Increased trust: A key element of SEO practice, letting individuals know that a real and contactable person oversees your site will deepen a degree of trust in your pages, products or services. Couple this with a commitment to PPC advertising, adding an SSL certificate to your page, and being open with your engagement and you can significantly increase the quality and number of your interactions in a short period of time.

What else should you consider?

Decided you want a headshot for your site and don’t know where to turn next?

Here are a few suggestions to consider before picking up the phone and commencing your Google search. Start with:

Purpose: When you’re planning your shoot, always try to go into it knowing exactly why you are having your picture taken. Is it for your visitors to put a face to a name, are you linking to an established brand or aesthetic, or are you actively trying to market your work? Discussing this with your photographer can help you turn ideas over and come away with some great choices you may have otherwise failed to consider.

Pose: As standard, headshots are taken in a neutral position with a three-quarter profile. This works for a reason and actively deviating form it can often result in an end-product that may not be fit for purpose. However, if you are set on choosing an unorthodox look, a quality professional will always work with you to achieve the website headshots you’re looking for. Just maybe have one or two conventional shots in the can for safety.

Expression: One of the hardest parts of getting a headshot is getting the right expression. While a professional can help coach you through a range of poses, the best possible thing you can do is to take a breath and relax. When you are ready, raise your head up slightly, stand straight, and focus your attention on your eyes – close them slightly and maintain contact. This is where your visitors’ attention will be drawn first and – if you choose to smile – do it in a way that’s comfortable to you; your authenticity will shine through in every image.

What next?

If you are struggling to source a quality profile photo for your site, our team at Just Headshots are here to help.

With many years’ experience operating over a wide range of sectors, we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to provide the best possible images to represent who you are and what you do.

We offer a full range of headshot services, including headshots for SME’s, headshots for legal and accountancy and headshots for government and public sectors.

Or if you have any unique needs, questions, or bespoke requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let us know exactly what you need to carve out your own niche online.