Natural light headshot of Dr. Kate Jenkinson

Last Autumn I photographed Kate Jenkinson PhD, FCIPD for her Linked In profile and website etc. Kate hadn’t been comfortable being photographed under studio lights and after her first session we chatted about it and decided to do another session with a different approach… Like many people, Kate hates being photographed. A fairly random natural light session was going to be best. We started by taking headshots in Kate’s kitchen, wandered around Lymm, near Warrington where we both live and finished in the Coffee House, a fabulous café in the centre of the village. The natural light was perfect. As we worked, we chatted and chatted about life and poetry. After Kate had received her new headshot photographs she wrote this lovely poem for me. It’s the first time I’ve received a testimonial in poetry. It’s really beautiful and something to treasure. Scroll down below the poem to see the gallery.

Please don’t
Take my photo
And never say cheese
I inwardly wince
And I totally freeze

And don’t tell me you’re
Taking it or that I look great
I know you’re just lying
And my face is a state!

I hate it so much
My eyes close in disgust
And I wrinkle my nose
Then look like I’ve cussed

Which I probably have
Because the image you take
Is of some other person
And it’s all a mistake

Your patience incredibly
Relaxes my guard
And then the pictures
You capture
Are natural and radiant
I genuinely look
Happy and carefree

You’ve done it Andrew!
A photo of me
Not self sabotaged
Or staged or standoffish
Thanks for your persistence,
Conversation and coffee!

Reproduced with kind permission from Kate Jenkinson.

Kate Jenkinson - natural light portrait, Warrington, Cheshire

Kate Jenkinson at a natural light headshot session in Warrington

Woman wearing glasses

Natural light headshot taken in a cafe in Lymm, Cheshire

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