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The headline reminds me of an old joke about a man who goes into a butcher’s shop…

Anyway back to the story. People who are in business for themselves, whether they’re 
self-employed or own their small company, are business leaders or are looking to change jobs or advance their careers tend to have a presence on social media, and more often than not, have a website.

Marketing takes up a lot of time. Keeping the pipeline full whilst getting the work done is a constant challenge for many of us. What we’re trying to do is build trust with people we don’t’ yet know and with people we are getting to know.

So, what’s the point of a headshot and is it worth investing to get it done properly?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! The whole point of a business headshot is to let people know what you are like, and what you look like. But more importantly you need to show that you are approachable, that you are someone they can they relate to and get along with.

Connect, engage, KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, BUY

People who network are very familiar with this saying. If you aren’t a networker and you aren’t familiar with it, the idea is this. We prefer to work with and buy from people we trust. To build up that trust we need to get to know them and probably like them too. That doesn’t mean you’ll be best buddies but you’ll want to get along with them. It depends what you’re buying. The level of trust needed when choosing an accountant is greater than say choosing a florist or oven cleaning company.

This process begins with connecting but it’s engagement, when we first meet a person, whether in the flesh or online that a relationship starts or stops dead. We HAVE to engage with people or nothing else will happen. But once that engagement has taken place then the headshot has done its job. It’s down to the individuals involved to get to know each other and take things forward.

That professional headshot is crucial because it delivers one mission critical message:

It says ‘I can deliver’

Are your headshots delivering for you?

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