eye contact

Does eye contact matter in photographs?

I’m often asked this question. The truth is that it depends on the situation and the purpose of the photograph. What is the photograph for. If it’s to create mood and atmosphere then it’s fine for the subject to be looking in to the distance, at floor or wherever. So long as it tells the story.

But what about a business portrait or headshot? This is where eye contact with the viewer is really important. Some would say that it’s critical. But how often do you look at a business website or a profile on Linked In where you cannot make eye contact? Not because the photo is styled to be well, let’s say arty, but because it’s so badly lit and styled that you cannot see the subject’s eyes regardless of whether they are looking at the camera or not.

I’ve chosen these two cropped photos of Josie to highlight this point. On the left one she’s wearing glasses and standing below halogen downlighters. In the right hand version she’s wearing her contact lenses (which she prefers to do when she’s meeting people) and the lighting is from the front.

Also, the left hand pic was snapped with an mobile phone. The right hand pic was taken by Andrew Collier, our director of photography with a professional camera and professional lighting.

So much emotion, so many messages are transmitted through our eyes. Many of the non-verbal signals and messages we transmit and receive are through our eyes. If people can’t see them they can’t receive them.

What will they miss as a result?

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