Examples of good and bad headshots
Your headshot needs to make a powerful statement about you and your business. Here are ten common mistakes people make. They can be found on most social channels but are particularly serious errors on business social networks like LinkedIn.

  1. Self-portrait taken with a camera phone standing under a light or with the light behind you
  2. Face too far away – people need to see who you are
  3. Sunglasses – if we can’t see your eyes we can’t see you
  4. A picture of your kids instead of you – who wants to do business with an eight year old?
  5. Holiday snap – what does a picture of you in a T shirt in a beach bar say?
  6. More than one person in the picture – which one’s you?
  7. Holding glasses of alcohol
  8. Passport photo – who looks good in a passport photo?
  9. Product pics and logos – these are fine for a company but not for a person
  10. A snap of you doing your favourite sport – we don’t need to know that you’re sweaty!

Are your headshots delivering for you?

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