Courtesy of LinkedIn

Did you read about Lauren Griffiths, the working mum from North Carolina last month? Her new LinkedIn profile picture went viral, all because she shared the fact that she wanted to be seen as genuine.

She has inspired many other working parents to do the same and swap their more corporate looking headshots to ones that actually showcase who they are.

Lauren’s previous headshot was taken in an office setting, she was wearing a crisp shirt with an expensive jacket. Her hair was perfect, and she smiled just enough to show that she was professional yet light-hearted.

But, this is not who you see if you were to have a zoom meeting with her – which is how she does business now like so many of us. She’s now not in a smart suit, nor is her hair combed within an inch of its life. Her new headshot shows her in a more relaxed setting, wearing cas-ual attire, hair slightly wavy with a HUGE open smile on her face.

She changed her picture and created a post to accompany it. In the LinkedIn post she re-vealved that when she looked at her old headshot it wasn’t who she was anymore – the ‘power-pose’ didn’t reflect who she is now.

Lauren stated that she has read a lot of information of how to be an ‘authentic leader’ and try-ing to be someone you’re not, is most definitely not what leadership and trust is about.

Her new profile headshot makes her look friendly, approachable and trustworthy.

Have a look at your headshot, does the person looking back at you represent the person you are today? Over the course of 2020 I believe many of us will have re-evaluated our values and one of the best ways to show this is through our profile picture.

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