headshot for a website for Jeanette Hine by justheadshots.photo in Warrington

How to crop a LinkedIn Headshot or Avatar

linkedin headshot for Jeanette Hine by justheadshots.photo in Warrington

To crop or not to crop. Now there’s a question.

You’ll know what I mean. We’ve all seen a profile photo in LinkedIn’s post feed and the photo next to someone’s comments is tiny. And they have a three quarter length portrait or worse a full length photo. The whole point of having a profile photo (often called an Avatar) is to be identified, noticed and remembered. The profile photo is like the big light on the top of a lighthouse; you see it and it grabs your attention.

Here’s an example of a headshot and a cropped version of it for LinkedIn. I took this photo of Netty Hine at our November headshots session in Lymm near Warrington.

Obviously, how a photo is cropped is a subjective thing and everyone will have their own opinion about it, but here’s a quick guide.

It’s all about the eyes and the facial expression.

1. Crop in so the nose is central from left to right and in the upper half of the photo
2. Allow some space on either side of the head
3. Crop to the upper chest (above the breast line) so the neck and some of the shoulders are still visible.

The full original photo may be perfect for other uses like the About or Meet the Team Pages on a website but a LinkedIn avatar is a bit different and needs its own rules.

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