A concern for many professionals, providing an up-to-date headshot ensures you accurately represent the company or sector you work in.

As the years tick by, the pressure to secure a new image can grow.

Why are headshots so critical for a range of industries and when should I consider getting a new one?

Here’s our advice…


Why are headshots important?

Important for showcasing your professional identity, a headshot is a key element of your position within a business.

In a turbulent marketplace, your image often needs to change.

Updating a headshot gives your clients a representative idea of who you are so they can have faith in the service you provide.

An outdated image can result in customers losing confidence or risk you appearing as stuck in the past.

Keeping pace with visual trends ensures you have a headshot that characterises your professional and personal brand and identity.


How often should I have them taken?

While it’s tempting to regularly update your image, it can sometimes cause confusion for current or potential clients that know you.

With that in mind, there are certain milestones that should prompt you to arrange for a new one to be taken:

They include:

A new website: If your company has a new website design or you are building your own, it is crucial your headshot matches the identity of your company.

That can be as simple as a switch from monochrome to colour through to using unique backgrounds, filters or framing options.

It allows you to stay fully up to date, and ensures your image fits in with your overall branding.

Change of career: A switch of career presents an opportunity to craft a new professional identity. Choosing a first-class photographer allows you to appear more approachable, business-like or trustworthy. A new headshot can then be used on promotional images, guaranteeing your profile isn’t outdated or unrepresentative.

Time goes by: Times change and so must we. Remember to keep your professional headshot up to date avoids a look of surprise from peers at professional networking events and means you remain contemporary. Many sites and materials are full of low-quality pictures that use period styling. Regularly updating your headshot every four to five years renews your look and encourages confidence in both your image and ability.


What next?

If you’re considering an updated professional headshot, the team at Just Headshots is here to help.

With comprehensive experience operating across a range of sectors, we understand the importance of working with you to achieve a representative image for your personal brand.

If you have specific questions about a photography session, please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know exactly what you’re looking to achieve.