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Frequently asked questions about headshot photography

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Frequently asked questions about headshot photography

Questions people often ask about our headshot sessions

Many of us have concerns about being photographed. We often think that other people look much better and more confident in their headshots and business portraits than we do.

Guess what? So do they.

We’ve compiled a short list of questions clients regularly ask and answered them here. If you have a question for us that we haven’t answered, drop us a message through our contact page and we’ll answer it as quickly as we can.

Yes. And probably more so. A great headshot is a real confidence boost for you and shows the world you are successful person in business.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Our job is to put you at ease and bring out your confident side which will shine through in your new headshots.

Few people are used to seeing themselves in photos. It’s a bit like listening to our own voice. The most important thing is how other people see you in your photos. We want them to see a confident and happy person. Part of our job is to help you prepare for your session so you feel confident.

Being briefed about how the session will be done how you’ll stand, how we’ll take your photos are all part of building your confidence. So are getting a haircut, choosing favourite clothes and being coached through your headshots session.

At all times you’ll know exactly what to do so you get the absolute best from your session.

Yes. A profile photo for LinkedIn or any social media channel should have the following features:

– You should be looking straight at the viewer so you need to look straight into the lens
– Your shoulders should be angled slightly to your left so they point towards any comment you make
– The photo should be cropped close enough that people can see your face and recognise you easily when it’s alongside a comment

This is about that first impression so this is key. Think about what you’d wear if you were going to meet a new customer for the first time. Some people need to be suited and booted, others are expected to be more casual. Bring a few outfits with you and we’ll help you decide.

We recommend that people bring three or four outfits (or more if you’re not sure) to the session. We’ll photograph you in as many changes of clothes as you’d like. That means you can make the final choice when you see the photos.

Yes. When we have our pre-shoot consultation call we’ll discuss backgrounds and style and decide on what kind of backgrounds will work best for your headshots. During the session we would normally photograph you in front of two or three different backgrounds. This will give you more choice when you view your proofs.

Yes we can. Soon after your session we’ll share a link to your proofing gallery and arrange a zoom call. In the call we’ll be able to discuss each of the photos and we can help you decide which photographs work best based on what you need for LinkedIn, other social platforms, your website and other PR applications.

Once you have made your final selection, your photos will be fully edited and any retouching we’ve discussed will be carried out. This usually take around five days. Your finished photos are then sent you by Wetransfer.

We are based in Warrington, Cheshire and we work throughout the UK. To discuss your next headshots or business portraits project call us today on 0800 304 7375 or 07989 471926. Alternatively you can message us through our contact page.