Environmental headshots in real locations

What is an environmental headshot?

That’s a good question? For us it’s a headshot taken on location using a real place as a backdrop. There are times when a real setting is more appropriate as a background for a headshot photograph. That might be because a company wants a background that incorporates a company’s logo or part of their premises.

It might be because it’s right to have a person wearing work attire including PPE (personal protective equipment) which would look a bit odd in a studio setting but would look absolutely perfect on a construction site or in a manufacturing company, or engineering plant.

What kind of background would suit your personal brand?

These examples show a variety of different headshots taken in different locations. Each location was chosen after discussion with each client about their personal brand and the style they wanted for their personal brand.

Some are taken in urban locations with traditional architecture from the late 19th and early 20th century. Others are more contemporary late 20th and early 21st century whilst some are natural, rural settings. Each is different and appropriate to the client’s business.

And the one with the alpacas? Well, that was taken for a local children’s charity, The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, near Knutsford in Cheshire where our directors have volunteered for a few years.

What kind of location makes a great backdrop?

It depends on how you want to present your person brand or company brand. For a company, the background should be a relevant part of their premises, such as a feature in a corporate headquarters building, wall art, a piece of architecture or a manufacturing process.

Obviously, only a small part of the background is going to appear and it’s important that the background doesn’t conflict with the subject. After all, a headshot is all about the all about the subject or certainly should be.

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