Dark background headshots – where you want to add bit of drama!

What is a dark background headshot?

A dark background headshot is usually photographed against a dark coloured background, usually a roll of mid or dark great paper but occasionally it can be a dark coloured wall. Sometimes the photographer will use an ambient coloured wall or backdrop and then, by manipulating the camera and flash settings, the subject will be perfectly lit whilst the background will pale to a dark tone or even to black.

Why dark background headshots are worth considering

Dark background headshots can be the most powerful of all headshot styles. As with white background headshots the emphasis is still on the subject but the atmosphere is different, stronger stronger in many ways.

Dark backgrounds can add drama to headshot photographs and can be a very effective alternative to white backgrounds. Lighting on the subject has to be just right though. In a professional headshot the subject still has to look approachable, empathetic and professional and the choice of clothing is important.

Dark background portraits work best when people choose light colours or bold colours to wear. Sometimes though a dark suit wit ha white shirt can be just as effective.

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