Peter Collins - Find and be found on Linked In

Be found on LinkedIn with Peter Collins

We’ve teamed up with Peter Collins to help our clients harness the power of LinkedIn.
Peter’s clients get the most out of LinkedIn with more views, connections and business growth. Peter is a doer, a sharer and a trainer with all things LinkedIn at all levels – some call him Lord LinkedIn.
Peter’s specialities are: Linkedin profiles, training, lead generation, Google Business Pages and fully managed services. Peter builds online sales profiles which will suck in many highly targeted connections for you and your profile.

Getting it right on Linked In

LinkedIn is now a key component for your Online Presence so getting your profile completely right will make a big difference for you and your business. There is a lot more to LinkedIn than most users realise which means they are not reaching their potential on this wonderful platform.

Peter’s unique profile health checks highlight clearly what is right, what is missing and where work is required.

Your images (profile headshot and banner) make an immediate impact on profile views so it is vital you have a high quality head shot which is positioned correctly and a banner which reflects what you do, including your existing branding and that’s just for starters, leaving numerous other aspects to get spot on.

This is what Peter does in his own special way.

Who Peter helps

Quite simply anyone who wants to get the most out of LinkedIn including new starters all the way to experienced users.

Setting LinkedIn up properly and taking all the right steps will help clients to find others and to be found by your target audience mainly in the Business to Business (B2B) arena. Though it is key to remember that LinkedIn along with Google Business Pages make a key contribution to your Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Peter helps a range of individuals and businesses in all industries globally, with clients in the UK, US, Europe and Australia … so far!

How to get started

With far too many people not getting the most out of LinkedIn, this is a widespread problem and one Peter strives to address. He’s great to work with and clearly explains things in a simple and concise way you will understand. First of all you will need a chat to discuss what your LinkedIn strategy is or should be, then he will start to look at your existing profile with you, then make it ready to go and put to good use for marketing and other purposes.

Always Remember on LinkedIn it’s:
– View and connect to show and know
– Connect and engage for trust and growth