Headshot taken in retail store in Northwich
White background headshot of Northwich business woman

Headshot Photography in Northwich

We know what it takes to produce a perfect headshot.

The experience gathered and skills honed over more than a decade doing so professionally has contributed to a growing list of happy customers in Northwich, a thriving market town located only a short drive from our base in Lymm.

Whether you are self-employed or employ hundreds of people in your business, we can provide tailored headshots and portrait packages to suit your individual needs.

That might include a straightforward staff photo for each person or a portfolio of different photograph styles for senior executives.

Arrange a free consultation today and we’ll tell you how we can deliver a high-quality result.

Why is a headshot important?

A distinctive way to showcase your professional identity, a headshot can be effective defining your position within a business.

And in a turbulent marketplace, your image often needs to change.

Updating a headshot gives your clients a representative idea of who you are so they can have faith in the service you provide.

An outdated one risks them losing confidence as well as making you appear stuck in the past.

Keeping pace with visual trends ensures you have a headshot that characterises your personal brand.

Who needs headshot photography?

To put it another way, who doesn’t?

While a headshot has several uses, chief among them is an opportunity to stand out in the marketplace through physical promotional materials or attached to your industry profiles.

The range of clients we work with is broad.

Typical examples include:

Online jobseekers: As sites like LinkedIn increase in prevalence, there is added importance to crafting a reliable online identity. Quality images can allow you to network more effectively, easily unify your social media accounts and let potential employers or peers put a face to your extensive skillset.

Professional workers: Those in professional or industry roles need to craft and sustain a reliable and trustworthy professional identity. This can include consultants, medical practitioners and lawyers.

Government, public sector and healthcare: If you are a public sector workplace with a large number of people and strict corporate guidelines to follow, we can tailor a headshot package to convey the trust and reassurance that is so critical when making a first impression.

What our clients in Northwich have said

Our directory of photography, Andrew Collier, has been a regular visitor to Howard Worth’s office at Gadbrook Park in Northwich over several years.

As a result, he has nurtured a clear understanding of what one of the biggest firms of chartered accounts in Cheshire needs from a headshot or profile picture.

Whether doing a portrait image of a new starter or updating another for an existing employee, Just Headshots appreciates the importance of reflecting change in a brand.

Offering a site visit to a customer’s location minimises disruption from work while at the same time allowing us to make use of the company logo and corporate colours to maintain consistency.

“We’ve worked with Just Headshots for a few years and he makes things easy for us.

“Like many firms we have a share of people who don’t really like being photographed but Andrew always seems to put them at ease and make the experience as stress-free as possible for them.”

Dawn Beschorner, director of business development and client services

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